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I am from St. Louis and a couple years ago hosted brunch for 25 in my New York apartment and I didn't spend a dime over $80 including decorations/flowers! (Granted, someone else bought the booze...)

1. Egg casseroles/stratas are the way to go. They can sit overnight, but don't have to. I did one vegetarian, one with meat. This also helps with being in someone else's kitchen--all you need to prep is a knife, cutting board, bowl and pyrex! Go for casserole/strata rather than quiche, so you don't have to deal with crust. This one from WS is delicious:

Make another one with greens and goat cheese in place of sausage and cheddar for any vegetarians

2. Buy groceries cheap. Luckily you'll be in St. Louis, which is budget friendly. See if you can go to a Sam's or Costco for bulk-size cheese, eggs, milk, etc. Schnucks is a great local grocery chain w/ good quality produce, and I think they have Aldi there too! And of course TJ's.

3. Make biscuits yourself. This recipe from thekitchn is SO easy and doesn't require kneading/cutting in butter, etc, and they come together quick, as the name indicates:

I also did an arugula salad with vinagrette and shaved parmesan, simple and easy

4. For something special as either dessert or a party favor, Clayton Bakery in St. Louis makes adorable iced sugar cookies in the shape of a wedding cake. They're delicious, cute and always a hit at bridal showers/engagement parties/luncheons:

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1/13/14 02:56 PM

does this work for cookie dough too??

3 Ways To Freeze Cupcake Batter For Later
9/27/12 11:19 AM

dijon mustard ought to do the trick! and a little bit of worcestershire

Help Me Find a Mellow Yet Satisfying Salad Dressing! Good Questions
7/19/12 09:23 AM

along the same lines as the soup above, cauliflower soup (this is simple, easy and amazing)

and this one too with asparagus

maybe frozen servings of pesto to throw into pasta?

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6/7/12 11:01 AM

YUM i love aria and that mac n cheese is to die for...

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1/18/12 03:23 PM

i'll echo the outrage at no love for st louis!!

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8/30/11 01:29 PM

sticking w/ the cajun theme of the jambalaya and gumbo recipes suggested above: red beans and rice. delicious, and can't get any cheaper than that!

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6/3/11 02:23 PM

cute place! the maneater--from columbia, missouri, perhaps??

Rae's First Apartment
4/14/11 10:03 AM

i roll out crescent roll dough, spread the boursin on it, sprinkle on some chopped spinach, roll it up and cut it into little pinwheels. bake as crescent roll dough directs, and it's a great little appetizer--always a hit at parties!

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3/8/11 03:33 PM

my mom used to do this with my white keds tennies when i was little--really does the trick!

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2/23/11 12:57 PM

a fried oyster po boy dressed from domelise's in new orleans. hands down! best bread ever.

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2/11/11 02:04 PM

what about the coca cola in lieu of drano myth?

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1/31/11 03:23 PM

precooked polenta?! my world has just been rocked.

Recipe: Eggy, Crispy Polenta with Tomatoes & Mushrooms
1/20/11 03:14 PM

red beans and rice! red kidney beans, celery, onion, ham...simmer for hours, serve over rice. delicious, easy, freezes well. the ham adds a great flavor to the beans

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1/5/11 10:55 AM

brussels sprouts need to be cooked right before, but you can get all the chopping and prep done ahead of time, store it in gallon-size ziplocs and it will make it come together much quicker!

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12/23/10 03:42 PM

red beans and rice! yum

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12/20/10 11:26 AM

ditto to the above: white subway tiles! my nyc apt kitchen was just renovated and i absolutely love the subway tile backsplash. it's a nice neutral that will be appealing to many potential buyers, as opposed to a distinct or bright color scheme that has narrower appeal

Backsplash Suggestions for Kitchen Renovation?
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12/16/10 08:58 AM

i love decorating with plates!

abt--there are plate hangers at most hardware stores, and they're very easy to put up and quite sturdy!

DIY Decor: Secondhand Spray Painted Plates
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11/15/10 11:28 AM

great apt! i'd love any tips on how one keeps white bedding so white while living in nyc. my white bedding always gets so dingy :(

Antoine's French Outpost in NYC
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10/20/10 05:26 PM

love this! as a missouri native, it's great to see soulard on apt therapy

i'd recommend international tap in lieu of mcgurk's for a good beer...can avoid (some of) the drunks!

Jake's Guide to Soulard
St. Louis, Missouri

10/20/10 05:20 PM