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What a coincidence you posted a link about the Guilt-Free Swiffer. I was going to post a comment about the Euro Clean micro fiber mop pad. I saw a demo at Sears. What hooked me was: no chemicals, just water, and the reusable mop pad. I wonder if an old rag is just as effective?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Guilt-Free Swiffer, Beautiful Water Filter, and MoreSlinks for 03.31.2009
3/31/09 11:30 PM

Opo, How about putting the red chair (reading nook) by the window next to your bedroom, and put a tall bookcase on each side of the TV? And maybe a plant where the bookcases are? I'm doing the Deep Treatment, so I need to start on the kitchen. Will catch up with before pics and the floors later.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Week Two
9/17/07 07:57 PM

Jennifer, Your living room looks cured to me. :) Lovely! I will need to copy the list of ecofriendly cleaners and see if I can find them around here. Oh yes, and take all of my hazardous waste to the sanitation department. Opo, Wende, and Tara, I'm also an alumnus of last Fall's Cure. I'm hoping to keep up with this one.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Green Cure: Week One
9/15/07 01:42 PM

I use it to wash my cats' litterbox. Don't inhale it -- I can't believe it's environmentally friendly when it causes me to cough and choke.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not? Simple Green
9/15/07 01:22 PM

Thank goodness I have another week before we start!

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Green Cure: Getting Oriented Week One
9/10/07 07:33 PM

Hi Alana and Beth, In last year's Fall Cure, you guys were dynamos. I just couldn't keep up. But I did OK. Even though my place is still a mess, it's so much better than it was before the Cure last year. I'll be able to tidy up a little before taking my "Before" pictures -- last year I couldn't even do that! Good luck on this Cure.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure 2007: Starts This Coming Monday!
9/7/07 07:12 PM

Also, another question: Is there a special tag we should put on our photos or should we use the apartmenttherapycure tag?

Apartment Therapy - The Cure: Therapist, Cure Thyself
9/7/07 07:56 AM

I'm joining the Green Home cure. I think adding a level of complexity will help me focus more on the tasks, as well as maybe be good for the environment. But what to do with all my old cleaning products? And I've already encountered my first dilemma: I found the bedding I had selected for my Style Tray for half off, but it's not organic!

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure 2007: Starts This Coming Monday!
9/7/07 07:55 AM

I learned about Bon Ami from the AT book and love the way it works and smells. I use Simply Green to wash my cats' litter box.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: What is Your Fave Green Cleaning Brand?
9/7/07 07:50 AM


Sound interesting. Count me in!

Apartment Therapy - The Cure: Therapist, Cure Thyself
9/6/07 08:50 PM

How does the Green cure differ from the others? Are you allowed to use only green products?

Apartment Therapy - The Cure: Therapist, Cure Thyself
9/5/07 07:57 PM