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Before & After: A Dilapidated Dresser Cleans Up Its Act
3/18/14 12:33 PM

From a quick search ,Streptocarpus and Saintpaulias (options 1 and 2) and definitely non toxic to cats and dogs. I had a hard time finding toxicity info for number 3, and 4 and 5 are definitely toxic to cats and dogs. (Any plant experts feel free to correct me if this is wrong). Just thought this info would be a handy addition to this article!

Add Some Color! 5 Cheery, Easy-to-Grow Indoor Flowering Plants
3/16/14 01:16 PM

I thought this was a store at first run through, it looks like Anthropologie after a clearance sale or something. Thanks to Kathryn for all of the info (not that I would ever hang 100s of feathers from my ceiling). I'm so sick of all of the animal bones everywhere in some of these homes. Maybe I'm watching too much Hannibal on NBC but now it's just getting creepy.

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/15/14 08:24 PM

THIS IS MY FAVORITE TOUR EVER. I love your pacific rim poster and the legos and the harry potter oh my gosh this has me so excited. you're perfection.

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/10/14 08:16 PM

I love the mix of the antique storage boxes with the toys/etc. As a 23 year old woman with an action figure collection (no shame haha) I always enjoy seeing cute ways to store toys and figures on apartment therapy

Quinn's Room of Treasures My Room
3/5/14 01:42 PM

I'm so jealous of people who can freely display all of their things like them - I have 3 insane cats and have had too many broken messes to clean up and too many close calls to count...

Candice and Jason's Colorful, Light Filled Apartment House Tour
3/5/14 10:16 AM

Wow sometimes I'm so happy to live in Ohio where this wouldn't cost me more than 40 bucks!

Is This a Reasonable Price for a Vintage Formica Sideboard? Good Questions
3/5/14 10:13 AM

omfg I can't believe this is Sanford Parkers home

Taryn & Sanford's Unflappable Abode House Tour
3/1/14 09:20 AM

I'd never have it in my house, but I still absolutely love it. Fantastic job

Before & After: How Plycraft Met IKEA and Made a Great Chair Baby
2/25/14 01:53 PM

Is there any info about the weight support? I'm worried about the decrease in top/bottom/side thickness. For everyone saying we're over-reacting, this shelf line is literally the only store bought way to store 1,000's of LPs...The Kallax looks fine, I don't care how something looks as long and it's safe and sturdy for our collection.

IKEA Discontinues EXPEDIT, Prompting Petitions Design News
2/20/14 02:42 PM