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I think there are several things going on in this photo. The porcelain is scratched which allows the chemical reaction of off-gassing to stain the stove top. Could also be your cookware finish off-gassing. I'm a fan of a green scrubby and baking soda. Some spray cleaners contain ammonia which will just keep causing a chemical reaction. Porcelain (a glass) really should not be painted to cover the stains, most of the high temp paints used appliance folks use to clean up a stove for resale are not recommended for stove tops. The burners doing this are your main use burners. I'm guessing the burner system needs a thorough cleaning to burn cleaner. It's a common problem. This involves getting a person in familiar with natural gas. I would also suggest you invest in a CO detector and place it in an adjoining room, as improperly burning gas appliances can cause toxic air qualities in worse cases. A bit of piece of mind for a few dollars.

What's the Cause of Stovetop Discoloration and How Do I Get Rid of It? Good Questions
2/20/14 10:13 AM