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I agree with Ros: why complain when we can give our own ideas!!

Crockpot- these are great for making super cheap meals, not having to "slave" in the kitchen, and make a lot of food. I usually buy a cheap pork roast and have pork tacos or gumbo is also under 15 bucks for feeding 10 people.

Pasta party- pasta is pretty cheap and you can make sauces on the side for variety

Rice Balls!!- these are great!! sushi rice + whatever you want inside. and you don't need a ton of stuff for the fillings. I recently made spam fried in soy sauce as one filling and cucumber and mushrooms in spicy mayo for the other. and the rice is pretty filling. One bag of rice is 5 bucks and makes 40-50 balls.

BTW: love the brunch idea!!

5 Ways To Throw a Party Without Blowing Your Budget
5/13/11 01:48 AM

Or if you rinse them off after you chop it in half. I always cut the onion in half, take off the outermost layers, then rinse in cold water. No more tears....

Best Way to Stop Onion Tears? Put Bread In Your Mouth
12/8/10 10:05 PM

I actually bought flowers for the first time in a long while. Thank you. and also thank you for the idea last week of braking the bouquet up into smaller vases throughout the house. I had never thought of that but tried it yesterday and absolutely love it. The make every room that much more special.

Day 7: Buy Flowers & Sit for 10
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/28/10 04:43 PM

I'm on the same page as katethegreat as well

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10/14/10 03:54 AM