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I use a white Vika desk from IKEA.

It was easy to put together, very light if you like to move stuff around and only $35. I know it doesn't have drawers, but drawers just collect stuff I don't really need. I do have a filing cabinet, that holds files and supplies nearby.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: No-Frills Desks Under $200
7/2/09 12:40 PM

In my could do anything to a room as long as you made it look the way it did when you moved in when you moved out. If you didn't paint the walls back they would charge you an arm and a leg.

Apartment Therapy New York | Maximilian Sinsteden's Dorm Room New York Magazine
5/10/09 06:15 PM

I also think there is a difference. There are no businesses, restaurants or anything of the such in my block. So the people taking the spot you shovel are your neighboors or their guest (I mean during non-business hours, college students usually take them up from 8ish to 4ish). It's really upsetting with repeat offender neighboors that literally lurk for your spot and steal it. I can name 5 people on my block that never clear off their cars, never shovel their spots or the sidewalk. Yet the minute they find a better spot they just pull into it regardless of whose back still hurts from shoveling. As I said before, I tend to be the one to calls home and has someone clear off another spot for me because I feel bad for the college students that could use the spot. I used to be one at one point. But I did end up buying a parking decal eventually to use the parking facilities on campus because it was safer and it was only like forty dollars. I know some people can't afford that and get frustrated to see a cone, or chair. But you are parking in a residential area, there are no businesses there and you are three blocks away from the outskirts of campus. I think under these circumstance it is acceptable to save a spot. The people who are unable to park there for a couple of hours are just casualties of in neighborhood quarrels.

If there are businesses or offices in that block, I can be convinced that it would be not acceptable to save a spot.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 03:08 PM

Nikita..and I don't want to pick on you....but your habit, not shoveling your spot the right way...that makes it hard for other people to use such spot and hence become territorial about the spots they shovel.

Sciencegeek...I hear you about those people that only clear their windows. They upset me as well. The worst part is when they stop short and all the snow falls in front of their windshield, and they have to get out of the car and clear it off...and you...the person behind them...misses the green light.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 01:51 PM

As the 110 lb girl who not only shoveled her spot , but another half a spot before going to work (I am talking about the real shoveling, taking the snow to the side of my house, not the middle of the road like some of my neighboors did, or on the sidewalk), I can honestly say that it sucks when people who you know just drive away leaving a mess behind because they are not waking up at 6AM and therefore are running late take your spot. Not only that, sometimes they took two spots, I guess if you don't clear them it doesn't matter. People would put up furniture, garbage cans, and the such. I wouldn't do that because I felt that people could use the spot during the day, specially college students who had their campus nearby. So what worked for me was to call somebody when I left work and have that person reserve a spot for me or shovel one out in exchange for some sort of food. I mean if my upstairs neighboor put the garbage can and left it there for 20 minutes is not as bad as for the whole day.

I wish neighboors had common courtesy, but they don't. One time one lady lectured me on how you are supposed to put the snow in the middle of the road so the plow takes it. This is after I caught her shoveling the snow from her spot onto my car.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 01:03 PM

My opinion is that this lady,as wife of a Washington Lobbyist, giving gifts wrapped in money is totally dumb. I am not saying she is dumb, although she might be, but she is doing something dumb. Even if it is not morally, ethically or legally wrong. Everyone that I know that has seen this is appalled by this. To represent a lobbyist, by being his wife, it just gives the wrong impression. Makes you hate the whole system more. Like a little part of you just died.

On a side note. Ms. Pea, apartment therapy , in my opinion, is not about $2000 beds and $5000 sofas. It's about making your life better by improving yourself, your space and how you carry yourself. As someone who just spent almost $3000 on a dinning room set, which I love and would have not had the confidence to buy if I wasn't reading this blog, I can tell you that there is a difference between $55 wrapping paper and a piece of furniture that can be passed down generations.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Wrap Presents in Real Money?
12/31/08 06:31 PM

I have the same one in my apartment. It makes me smile.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Flower Pot Window Film
5/15/08 01:07 PM

I use left over braces rubber bands...I like the pump system, but I usually make my own stuff and refill.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bottleneck Saver
3/11/08 08:24 AM

I use these everywhere in my apartment. They are a bit pricey but I love it and it makes me smile. There was a post about them about 6 months ago...very pretty. screen film

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Bathroom window covering?
3/5/08 12:46 PM

I love it and I need my bedroom to look happy since I am spending most of my time in it because I broke my foot and wrist...please pick me. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: 02.28.08
2/29/08 09:18 AM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Automated Ceiling Broom Sweeping System
2/28/08 12:21 PM

me please...I need to win something badly

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Agean Vase Duffle from Belongings
2/28/08 08:32 AM

and that is what product design should be...I hope they don't cost too much.

Apartment Therapy New York | Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast
2/28/08 05:40 AM

I love the first picture...if I wasn't a renter I would have one just like it. I am going to try to replicated during the cure. I especially love the curtain to cover the books...but who would want to cover them?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Domino's Gallery of Bookcases
2/27/08 12:02 PM

Don't you just love sales people in any language? I think they are very pretty stools, but I would like them much better if they were from recycled tires. I think being green is becoming so popular now that there are many people faking it. I remember when I was 10 the recycled notebooks my brother and I used was because they were the cheapest. Now they are the most expensive. I am willing to pay more for green items, but I try to be careful not to get fooled. It is a pretty stool.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Paris - Eco Self-Consciousness at Maison Objet
2/27/08 11:59 AM

I don't like would encourage me to get more shoes.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Skorder Shoe Rack by Johanna Eliason
2/27/08 11:53 AM

I wish I could write so well. I think it is neat to let companies know what we want. Taller fridges do make sense to me even though I am only 5 ft tall. I know what I need, and I am often disappointed by not finding it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Liesl's Cure: The Fridge Saga - #3
2/27/08 11:51 AM

I couldn't ask my parents to stay in a hotel...they would consider that a slap in the face (it's a Ecuadorian/Catholic thing, I'm sure). For others, Hotels can be very pricey and I am just happy that people want to spend time with me. Of course I grew up with the parents that had sleeping bags for every kid and who the only time they spent on a hotel was to drop me off to college (3 nights), graduation (2 nights), and wedding (3 nights). During spring break their apartment in FL would always be packed with crazy college students in sleeping bags. My mom would tell my friends "if you have $200 for a plane ticket, come down for the week and let me cook for you and go to the beach."

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | No Guest Bedroom, now what?
2/26/08 02:55 PM

I like how the clips hold the tags on the baskets

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Organizing With Bulldog and Binder Clips
2/26/08 01:52 PM

I love binder clips...I saw a post here a while ago about it and now use them everywhere.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Binder Clips Used for Hanging Art
2/26/08 01:50 PM