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this is a nice space! but i wouldn't call it gender neutral. then again, i think the concept of gender neutral is a tricky oneā€¦. since it implies that colors are gendered in the first place (which they are! and also they aren't!). If i saw this room I would say it was for a boy(s).

Beckett & Cooper's Not-At-All-Neutral Gender Neutral Room My Room
6/5/14 10:52 AM

i don't have any interest in making my laundry room look "cute". the added hassle of electrical tape goo really turns me off from this.

Washer & Dryer Makeover: Temporary, Fast & Just $8 A Beautiful Mess
11/22/13 11:03 AM

but why would anybody assume that having children means "instantly destroyed" furniture--$5000 or not? I have 2 kids and neither of them have ever destroyed a piece of furniture, nor do i expect they will anytime soon. It is simply preposterous to me that folks assume children will ruin anything and everything they touch. they can be raised + taught not to do that. Of course accidents do happen--adults and children alike. My mother-in-law has spilled wine on my couch, but not my 5 year old.

A Chic, Modern Home for a Family of Five (Soon-to-Be 6) Professional Project
11/16/13 10:54 AM

our thanksgiving dinner will include 15 people. since we are all good friends or family, i sent out an email listing each person or couple and added what they've told me (or what I am guessing) they will bring. I bcc'd everybody so an annoying email chain effect doesn't happen. I let everybody know that they should email or call me if their dietary needs won't be met given the current menu. We'll go from there! So far I don't think we've encountered any big deals.

Holiday Meal Planning: How Do You Accomodate Special Diets?
11/12/13 01:14 PM

in our house, with wood floors and shedding dogs, a dust buster comes in quite handy.

Preparing for Company in 60 Minutes
(or Less!): My Speed Cleaning Routine

11/8/13 12:23 PM

I totally agree with #4! Our daughter did not realize that it was an option to get out of the bed until almost a YEAR after we transitioned her to a toddler bed. She would holler when she woke up--in the night and even in the morning! It was lovely. By the time she did realize, we were pretty confident that she could manage her own travels to our room...

Tips for Transitioning from a Crib to a Big Kid Bed
10/7/13 10:42 AM

an easy trick is also to take mostly dried up markers and soak them overnight in water. i get small, reusable, plastic squeeze bottles for ours. the last bit of ink is drawn out of the marker and into the water. No, it isn't "archival" quality paint. but it certainly works well-enough for my 4 year old and it makes you feel like those dried up markers are redeemed in some way.

Make Your Own Watercolor Paint Design*Sponge
6/1/13 11:14 PM

also. as a lady about to have a baby...whose birth will coincide quite closely with our first-born's birthday---i'd just like to say that your offer to throw the party is unequaled in generosity! truly. i would die and go to heaven if somebody offered this favor to me. You're a sweet, kind aunt/sister.

Lu's Big Day: Part One Party Planning Diary
5/16/13 03:41 PM

in my last job we all got an aeron chair and needless to say they were wonderfully comfortable. they do collect a lot of dust under the fabric seat though.

10 Task Chairs to Fit Any Budget
4/17/13 03:01 PM

ohmygoodness. we have a coffee table. with corners. and we have a wood stove that isn't surrounded by a babygate. and we have a 4 year old. and she's never been wounded. oh and we have a pit bull.

In Search of the Perfect Family Coffee Table
4/1/13 02:18 PM

this is great! my bedroom has the exact same problem. we decided to just embrace the windows behind the bed (overlapping only a little--just like in this example). I never would have thought to do wall-length drapery. what a difference that makes.

Before & After: Disguising Offset Windows Behind a Bed
4/1/13 01:49 PM

i usually love reading through comments--and often feel that an article is incomplete until i have. but at this point half of all AT comments are people nagging about safety. it's exhausting. parents make decisions that suit their lives and their children's personalities. sometimes these comments come across as so needlessly negative, its impossible not to roll my eyes and frankly it's making me less inclined to read any of them at all.

Creating Nurseries Out of Closets Renters Solutions
3/29/13 12:09 AM

this is one of my favorite house tours ever on at. thanks!

The Duplex, Right Side: Jean & Dylan's Playful, Working Hideaway House Tour
3/26/13 01:03 PM

you have a fire escape plan for your TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD cat.


Lindsay's 7 1/2 Floor Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/26/13 10:49 AM

i just can't... with this room. i will say this though--my husband and i, in our last home, did not have a closet in our otherwise huge bedroom. We didn't have the money to install an enclosed closet system and so instead our clothes had to be displayed. it's a tough look to pull off in my opinion. i would have never considered it doing this way, with hooks. but its an interesting approach.

James' Wooden Wall Bedrooom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 09:54 AM

truly, as many people have pointed out, the only one worth actually buying is the one from ikea. we'll be making our own and passing it on to our siblings as their babies are born if they want it. it's completely crazy to me what people are willing to spend on "attractive" kid toys. i get not wanting to look at ugly stuff but spending so much money on a toy that will only bore your kid is a waste waste waste.

For Every Budget: 20 Wooden Baby Gyms
3/21/13 10:25 AM

I love iron beds. My husband and I own one. I wouldn't skimp though. cheap "iron" bed frames feel like they just might fall apart... For instance, the Ikea version probably isn't actually made of iron. but you all already knew that probably...

Get the Look: Iron Bed
3/15/13 08:35 AM

i really loved this tour. sometimes house tours can feel so stale, stylized, and impersonal. this place feels like the kind of home i'd love to visit or even call my own!

Maxwell & Lulu's Temporary Digs House Tour
3/11/13 01:34 PM

fireplace hearth = pretty ugly.

I love the pillow and playmat though!

What Now: Repurposed Crib Bumper Roundup
11/1/11 09:47 AM

My step-father is an anthropologist who has traveled the world collecting masks. Some are creepy-some aren't. He displays them all together above the mantel--probably 15 or so. Our kids all LOVE looking at them!

Giving Good Face: Masks As Wall Art
10/20/11 10:51 AM