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My MIL ceremoniously presented me with a giant (2'x3'), very country Peter Rabbit cross-stitch, all baby pink and framed in beige, presumably to hang in my DD's already decorated modern unpink nursery. It was probably a lot of work but not our taste at all, as she knew since she's seen the nursery and the house and we'd graciously declined an offer for cross-stitch. It's in the basement. The cover story is we'll hang it in the basement play room... but first we need to finish the basement and after some reworking of the framing.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 05:02 PM

I used Miracle Blanket swaddlers for every nap and sleep for the first couple months. We never mastered regular swaddling and baby couldn't break out of these! We used the muslin swaddlers for everything else from favourite summer blankets to sun shades to nursing covers.

We still use a Marpac Dohm sound machine every day for sleep. As a cloth diaperer, I wouldn't want to get by without my Ubbi steel diaper pail (keeps the stink in). I use a regular pail for disposables though.

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2/19/14 05:20 PM