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There are Robosmart LED bulbs which can be dimmed using a smart phone. It takes just a minute to insert the bulb into any lamp and it is controlled using a free phone app. I have one in my daughter's room and I use it every night to dim the light in her room before she goes to bed.

How To Install a Dimmer Switch on a Table Lamp Apartment Therapy Video Tutorial
2/19/14 05:18 PM

The things we used the most were:

1. Swaddling blankets to keep the babies comfortable and help them sleep through the night.

2. Pack and Play - used instead of a bassinet and changing table when they were young. Can serve as a crib or travel bed until the children are older.

3. Robosmart Bulb - it is a LED bulb that screws into any lamp and can be controlled with an iPhone. I use it to dim the lights at bed time and it has an auto on setting so the light can switch on at a low setting if I need to get up and check on the baby at night.

Don't buy a diaper pail - use a closed lid trash can lined with a plastic bag. Video monitors are overkill. You will quickly learn you baby's cries on a baby monitor and can easily determine id you need to get up.

Lauren's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/19/14 05:10 PM