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I like that you showed all aspects because people that may be moving into a small space would like to see the closet and the use of the hooks on the back of the door for storage etc. Also I like that you actually showed your home as it is. A lot of people have "stuff" and if some don't then that is their own choice, but really I don’t know too many people that do not have a lot of things to store and put somewhere.& you really dont have a lot of space; so I think you will run into what others call clutter etc. It is hard to downsize and sometimes everyone does improvements as they go & may not have tons of money to re-do something (or can't in a rental). I like that you showed a real lived in place and I have seen a lot of things on here that look unrealistic to me in the economy we live in. Also if I like something I look at it and if I don't I move on, nobody forces you to look at a tour so really I don't see what all the negativity is about. I think the phrase "to each their own" really needs to be used here. We all see some things we do like in others homes and some things we do not like. I appreciate that you showed this & it gives ideas for small spaces. I also like the green paint color a lot!

Jayne's Global Eclectic Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
11/15/09 02:04 AM

where did you get the closet storage unit at??

Elodie's Fun & Feminine StudioHouse Call | Apartment Therapy New York
11/14/09 04:48 PM

I really like this! I would love it if you could post a floor plan and do you have more pictures? I am about to move into a 480sq foot area that I am working on re-modeling & would love to see more pictures and if you had a floor plan!

Sarah's Bright & Tidy Live/Work Space House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
11/14/09 04:34 PM