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Go easy on you?? I clicked on this article specifically to find out where you got that great sunshine print! Awesome job!!

Office Turned Fresh & Cheery Nursery My Room
6/27/14 02:01 PM

Can't wait to share when my daughter's room is complete!

Transitions: Share How You've Changed Your Child's Space!
5/1/14 03:11 PM

Not a fan of the Puj tub. We tried it but it wasn't sturdy enough (bottom dropped out a lot). Switched tubs within a couple of weeks. I currently use that Baby Bjorn toilet seat, and even though it has a handle, it's meant to be clipped on (for stability). This puts our guest room toilet out of commission for adults. Also, the front raised part makes wiping a bit harder. Thank you for the recommendation KO33, going to try that as the compromise.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Space-Saving Products For Families And Kids
4/8/14 01:45 PM

It's funny, I read a lot of moms posting that those aiden + anais swaddle blankets worked for them, and I just don't see how. We bought them when we were pregnant, thought they were so soft, but once my daughter arrived, we found them almost worthless. They turned out to be too soft/flimsy for swaddling - she kicked right out of them even as a newborn; and too thin for using as a blanket on any hard floors. We ended up using the thick hospital blankets they sent us home with.

Lauren's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/19/14 03:41 PM