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Thank you for all of the sweet comments and quite honestly, the critiques. We are still working out how to deal with the bedroom and would love any suggestions - it's wonderful to have the big windows, but also quite limiting with furniture selection and arrangement.

I'm pretty happy to say that we were able to get a storage unit in our building and are hoping to take a stab at moving out some of the goods we don't use on a regular basis making better use of our huge walk-in closet. I definitely think that our style will evolve and look forward to seeing that.

Last, I can answer a few questions and comments: the (Corona) couches appear purplish, but are really a deep brown; I'm not sure what color the living room walls are since our property manager painted them and we can't touch them; the painting in the bedroom is from a Seattle artist named AKAK - I can't find any information on him these days; the mattress is not on the floor, though the angle of the shot makes it appear that way; the glass pendants are remnants from a chandelier purchased at Bitters Co. in Fremont.

Thanks again - it's been so fun to share our place!

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3/5/11 10:14 PM

thanks for all the suggestions. i've decided that the immediate is to paint an accent wall (behind couch) pink & add some chocolate brown curtains. next on the list will be a new dining room set, which is something i've been meaning to do for a while.

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9/24/07 03:02 PM

my autographed concert poster from common.

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9/6/07 09:45 AM

1. my name is ann
2. 3 chandelier packs - 2 burgundy, 1 black
3. i just recently moved into my first 1 br apartment (no roomies yeah!) & am excited to, at 25, finally have a place that showcases my personality. i am trying to find pieces that make a bohemian/modern apartment possible & these are just the right fit.

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9/5/07 03:00 PM