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it's a little detail, but I love the reading lamps clamped onto the bookshelves... and then taking that extra step and lighting the bookcases themselves. very nice.

#4- Lee's Small Smart Space
4/13/07 01:16 PM

Spot on.

Did the carpet come with the place? Love how the Polar Bear pops off that blue (Is the beige renter's carpet purely a Southern California thing?) ... and loving the accent of bright green.

A well thought out space with plenty of light and color... I'm even more convinced you actually CAN learn something in school! ;)

#3 - Michael and Mindy’s Urban Modern
4/12/07 09:56 AM

That sofa is a great thrift store find but beyond the DIY showbox, I'm at a loss for what you did besides go shopping. And is it just me, or does that "art" on the walls look like bad early-90s office decor?

#3: Rena's East-Meet-West
4/11/07 11:33 AM

I thought I was the only one into kitschy cowboy prints! Nice bedsheets.

#2- Jason's World's Largest Smallest
4/11/07 11:29 AM has some pre-made refrigerator magnets. I use the paper towel holder and the large utensil rack for my large spoons and spatulas. Moving both those items OFF the counter really freed up some needed space.

Look! Magnetic hanging basket on fridge
4/11/07 09:01 AM

definitely digging the color palette here... and that sofa pillow pattern is a gem!

#1- Laura's Fresh Start Santa Monica Studio
4/10/07 01:19 PM

ask five feng shui masters what fung shui is and you'll get five different answers. I think there's a lot of good philosophy in the generalized ideas of feng shui, but most of the resources out there tend be a sort of pop-feng shui, like a college student who took Psych 101 and now drops tidbits like an expert. There's certainly a lot I don't understand about feng shui, so perhaps I speak from ignorance... or just from the bargain books at the local Barnes and Noble...

LA Times House Garden: 04.05.07
4/6/07 11:07 AM