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Of all the great blogs out there that follow the design world, why does this one attract the most negative commenters on anything cool?

Patrick, you're hilarious!

Newspaper: Creative Use of a Humble Material Guest Post from David Stark | Apartment Therapy New York
11/20/09 05:16 PM

I agree with royaltygirl. I believe the point is to show some restraint when decorating for the holidays, which is part of any decent designer's repertoire and this line allows the average person to do so with ease. The intention is to juxtapose the colorful, shiny, shimmery stuff with these types of items – not to have a “Beige and Taupe Christmas”. AND if shiny things make you happy, there are shiny items in the line.

@ Aster – I also think you are missing the point as the tree is a handmade item for only $24 that was never advertised as a paperweight. If you feel ripped off, just return the tree and make a trip to your local craft and hardware stores and knock one out while you pick up your red, green, and silver tinsel. Let us know how long it took you.

Eco-Chic: David Stark Holiday Collection for West Elm Guest Post from David Stark | Apartment Therapy New York
11/13/09 06:39 PM