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I really need to stop reading the comments on this site, I'm absolutely blown away by how judgmental a lot of the readers are.

How other people decide to live their lives and run their families is a personal decision that only they can make. Good for them for finding a way to make due with what they have.

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12/8/10 04:00 PM

I don't care how delicate an item of clothing is - if I wear it, its eventually going to need to be cleaned.

Clothes are meant to be worn, not framed.

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2/25/10 03:58 PM

I have that pink tile in my bathroom as well, and I decided to go with grey paint to spruce it up. My advice - it is very hard to get a good grey paint. I went through three different shades of grey trying to find one that worked. The first one looked baby blue against the pink, the next one looked green. Finally I found a good brown tinged shade that looked decent! I wish someone had warned me beforehand!

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