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In one of my first office jobs out of school, I worked hard one night making a chocolate sheet cake for a co-worker's birthday, complete with birthday message written across the top in icing. Covered my creation with foil, left it on the counter, and went to bed.

Got up the next morning to find two perfectly neat paw-shaped dents in my foil-covered cake, almost down to the bottom of the cake pan. Clearly, my cake looked like nothing more than a perfect cat-sized bed, and my little darlings had wasted no time trying it out.

The best part is, I took the cake to work anyway, cut out the paw-marks, and everyone loved it.

I've got another story where a guy I've just started dating, trying to impress me with his culinary prowess, makes dinner for me at my house. After the meal, I go into the kitchen to find he's made the entire meal in the cat's bowls. Ha! We still laugh about it seven years later :)

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11/13/09 10:27 AM