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Many people collect social security and live comfortably in Thailand, Mexico, Belize...ect. It's sad that people have to leave their home country to have basic needs met, but it works for some people.

In the North East, the managers and employees of a popular chain of grocery stores are on strike. They are backing an employer who has been fired. He made sure his employees got good wages, benefits, and profit sharing. The local communities are behind the workers who are on strike. It's amazing. http://time.com/money/3024511/market-basket-ceo-demoulas-protest/

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 04:38 PM

My mother has always had an eye for design. Every time she and my father remodel a house she has a cabinet installed about the fridge designed especially for cookie sheets, trays and cooling racks. The cabinet has several narrow vertical slots so each tray or baking sheet has it's own space.

Good luck!

What Should I Do with Awkward Space above Fridge? Good Questions
7/23/14 09:02 AM

I am willing to pay a little extra to fly out of my local airport rather than driving over an hour to get to a major airport.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 04:44 PM