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If you are having someone check in on pets, make sure you leave the vets number and address, as well as emergency funds (just in case!) and necessary supplies (food, litter, treats).

For those of us that live in older apartments, make sure your dishwasher is not running. Mine constantly gets stuck mid-cycle, and it's really not that old. Same goes for the toilet! I had been away for about 10 days to find out that it had been running since it's last flush - not good and a terrible waste.

Covering All the Bases Before Vacation
7/28/10 11:18 AM

Hot water usually remedies the problem, but if the jar has never been opened, my mom taught me to take the heavy end of a butter knife and rap the outside edges of the lid with it. Just be careful not to hit it too hard!

You Open It! How to Un-Stick a Sticky Cap | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/8/10 01:55 PM

haha after reading ghunt's comment, I have to admit I would freeze to death in that house...I lived in that section of Buffalo a few years ago (yay cheap college housing!) and the wind off the lake cuts right through the best insulated homes.

I think it's incredible that there were able to fit 4 bedrooms in 700 square feet. Now they just need to get a design student in there to spiff the inside up and they are all set to rent!

'Quad Space Home' Architecture Thesis University of Buffalo Reporter | Apartment Therapy New York
11/12/09 11:25 PM