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I've finally UNSUBSCRIBED from any flash sale and deal site e-mails! Getting constant reminders about sales creates an urgency to buy that does NOT help my attempts to budget and live simply. And if you follow them, even just for a few weeks, you see how much items and sales are repeated, further reinforcing that you do not need to jump on this or that deal. I'm still a member and I can browse every once in a while, but unsubscribing from any and all e-mail notifications keeps my head and my inbox a little clearer.

How To Buy Only What You Love (and Need)
6/24/14 04:45 PM

Wow, so smart! You did a fantastic job on the match! Sure, you COULD have bought a real, functional one from a repro site, but you probably would have spent a lot more, and wouldn't have the satisfaction that comes from doing it with your own two hands. Well done! :)

How To Make a Matching Missing Handle Artsy Chicks Rule
2/18/14 09:59 AM