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Bon Ami, best ever!

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2/24/14 02:35 PM

I think redoing the columns would tone down the craggy stone a lot and change the overall look of the cottage, a boxed column cover might do the trick. Perhaps painting the porch floor would also add some lightness to the area. At some point I'd do a full porch redo and remove the stone wall enclosure and replace it with a painted wooden guardrail, or capping the existing stone wall might also work.

If you can train some ivy along the front porch wall that would soften the stone, think English countryside cottage, though it would take some time.

Other Ideas:
New Front Door
Wider Shutters + Shutters on far right window, perhaps even faux window sashes to anchor the windows
Landscaping + meandering walkway
Faux Gable Vent to break up the large triangle of siding front and center
Gas Lamp Lanterns on outside columns

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2/18/14 09:46 AM