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It always seems like the books in bookcases in magazines were picked for their aesthetic appeal (i.e., how they would fit in a book case), rather than for their content. Few of my books are exactly the same size, and then there's the paperbacks. There's just no way to make a well-read paperback look attractive. But clutter? Naw. It's in the bookcase, not stacked on the floor.

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6/8/14 02:26 PM

You got to be careful with the shelves around the bed. My father lives in Southern California, land of earthquakes. He had a shelf over the bed, and after one earthquake he took it down because he didn't want the books falling on him.

5 Ways to Fit a Home Library into a Small Space
4/15/14 03:49 PM

I got things that were stackable -- tumblers, bowls (you'd be surprised how many of both of these aren't), and mixing bowls. I also got a large glass measuring bowl which can double as storage of a salad in the refrigerator.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 02:08 PM

Something light-colored on the floor. The house I grew up in had a dark brown linoleum floor and small windows in places that didn't help let light in. Even with all the lamps and lights on, it was always dark like a cave. And this was with white or yellow walls. It just didn't help. The floor sucked all of the light out. But a few years ago, my father had a white carpet put in and painted the walls a very dark color. It was surprising how much lighter that room looked with those two changes!

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4/15/14 09:52 AM

A home office for my writing. Of course, it would need a large window and a lot of colorful pictures and many books. Many, many books. I remember when I visited my grandmother's house when I was growing and she had this floor to ceiling built in bookcase -- just the greatest thing in the world.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 04:57 PM

Laundry is one of those tasks I really hate doing. I always promise myself I'll do it on Saturday and end up putting it off until Sunday. I have a laundry in my apt bldg basement. So after I load the laundry, I come back up and set a timer so I know when it's done. Way, way too many people put stuff in and then forget about it.

Though it's better than the laundry when I was in the Army barracks. It didn't cost anything, but people would decide they needed the drier and take your wet clothes out to put yours in.

5 Quick Tips: Making Trips to the Laundromat Less of a Pain
4/10/14 09:31 PM

I did Washington State to Washington, DC. One of the problems I ran into was that some states did not have much of anything, and you may have to make early stops. I was going through one of the Dakotas and saw a restaurant sign at 10:00. Thought that was too early, and I ended up not finding another one until 2:00.

Also, make sure you get maps of the different areas in case of big detours. I had driven from Washington DC to Williamsburg, VA. The day I came back, there was a huge accident on the freeway, and chemicals spilled. They shut the ENTIRE freeway down so they could take off an inch of pavement and repave it. I had no maps, nothing. I was just sort of following the detour signs until I could get back on the freeway. A 4 hour trip turned into 8 hours. Not good.

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4/9/14 05:19 PM

The baskets on top of the cabinets is a really great idea. Though uniform? Not on your life. I'd never be able to tell what's in what if they all looked exactly alike.

4 Easy Small Space Remedies to Try Today
4/5/14 03:28 PM

At the moment, it's the storage. It's not that there's not enough, but that it's the wrong type for me. I'm a creative, right-brained person, and a lot of the standard storage pieces just aren't functional for me. They're designed to hide things, which is very, very bad. That's how I lose things. Stuff ends up migrating to where it really shouldn't because the storage isn't right.

The most annoying item is a chest of drawers, because it is such a dysfunctional piece of furniture for me. Because drawers hide things, they end up becoming junk piles -- always, and no matter what I try. So I'm replacing the chest of drawers with a series of Rubber Maid cubbies (in black). Then I can store things out in the open, semi-open, or in something with a lid on it. I was just down at Home Goods picking up some great boxes I can use in the cubbies.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 03:57 PM

I had Costco for a year. Never again. The only thing I ended up getting there was soda, which almost wasn't worth the special trip. The glasses I purchased ended up needing to be replaced because the film on the lenses started peeling off (hard to see!). Everything else was just too much quantity-wise for me to use up.

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3/17/14 02:46 PM

Also be willing to turn someone away if needed. I dread dealing with my cable company because they first try guilt trips to make a sale and then will lie. I had called to get my box fixed and they noticed my phone service wasn't bundled. Four times during the conversation I told the sales person I didn't want to switch, very specifically. Eventually they suggested an additional service for premium channels, which sounded like a good deal. But when the cable rep showed up, his first words were, "I'm here to install your phone service." I told him they had made a mistake and that I hadn't ordered phone service and sent him away. I think a lot of people would have just agreed and allowed the install.

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3/17/14 02:03 PM

Discount clubs and bulk bins work great if you have a family and need the larger quantities. It's not so great if you're single. Most grocery store sell products meant only for family use. It's common to see a large quantity priced better than a small quantity (just check the cost of a dozen eggs vs 6 eggs). I go into the store and see seasonal fruit packaged in a large bag, and I can't buy it because it will rot before I can eat most of it. An example: my usual store only had packaged avocados for $2.49. I went to an alternate store, and they were selling them as singles, but they were also $2.49. * Sigh.*

10 Strategies For Saving Money at the Grocery Store Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/17/14 12:14 PM

I've found that the Elfa from the Container Store works best for me. It has a filing area on top and two drawers underneath. When I tried to use a regular file cabinet, I ended up feeling like I would lose things in it (and I did!).

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3/11/14 07:52 PM

My parents never entertained. Ever. And truthfully, I do the same thing. It's very stressful for an introvert to be around a lot of people, like in a party. Extroverts draw their energy from crowds, but introverts find it very draining and exhausting.

I actively despised all the military organizational days because I had no choice about attending, nor did I have any choice about how long I could stay (we could not leave until the party actually ended). Over the years, I've found that if I can leave for a while and then come back, I can stay longer -- so I end up doing things like going for a walk, going to lunch, going to my hotel room for a while helps. But hosting a party where I wouldn't have an escape hatch? No way.

Did Your Parents Entertain Often? Reader Question
2/23/14 02:00 PM

These are scary looking! The first one is the scariest. Anything with cubbyholes is a black hole for the right-brained. I'd never find anything if I tried to use those to organize everything. As long as I put the items back where it makes sense for me, I'll be able to find it. Doesn't matter how neat it looks.

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2/17/14 07:05 PM