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What's a SJWs?

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4/16/14 10:01 PM

Love those chairs.

A Beach-Side Home With a Hip & Fun Vibe Professional Project
4/14/14 06:39 PM

We are 2 people in a 4 bedroom + family room + dining room home. We share a bedroom, have a guest room/light duty office, my dressing room/craft/writing room, turned the dining room into an exercise room, moved our full service office and dining into the formal living room and have plans to do something with the master bedroom that's currently empty.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 06:27 PM

I agree. All these tips seem really overwhelming.

50+ Ways to Reduce Stress, Relax, and Be Happier at Home
4/11/14 10:57 PM

Baby blue makes me think "bathroom" which makes me not want to eat anything prepared in that kitchen.

Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 07:41 PM

It is so beautiful.

Before & After: Renovating Tips from a Tiny Half Bath
4/11/14 07:21 PM

I vote for cleaning it up. Say no to wallpaper. It's really a terrible look. Apparently, I'm the only anti-wallpaper on furniture person.

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/10/14 08:16 PM


Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/2/14 04:43 PM

Number 7 is a $.49 Room Essentials Dipping bowl w/ paint on it. I have a bunch I use.

Geometric Organization & Storage
For the Home Office

3/28/14 11:43 AM

The homeless shelter where I am a case manager does not take travel sizes toiletries or donated toiletries of any kind. Our office manager answers that question at least 20 times a day. In fact we're pretty strict on donations since a) our storage space is limited and b) most people have a bizarre understanding of "useable condition). Just because a person is homeless does not mean they should be grateful to receive toxic, moldy, expired decades old toiletries, stained or ripped sheets or any number of items in disastrous condition people attempt to donate.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
3/25/14 09:01 AM

Oh wow. They really tried it.

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/23/14 12:09 PM

This is wonderful. Beautiful work and a stunning color.

Before & After: Martha's Midnight Owl Dresser
3/1/14 04:27 PM

Congrats to the winners!

The Homies Awards 2014: The Winners! The Homies 2014
3/1/14 02:52 AM

Mismatch chairs reminds me too much of dorms and grad student apartment. My chairs all match, but they were purchased after a snagged my amazing dining table. They look great together

Try This: Mix Up Your Dining Chairs
3/1/14 02:49 AM

I live never a pretty exclusive college and the idea of picking through the often broken, body fluid and beer soaked particleboard furniture holds no appeal to me. Nor is dealing with the shut ins and kooks populating my town's CL free section. As for picking through a neighnor's trash, forget it. People call the police on unfamiliar cars and people trolling the neighborhood.

How To Get Free Furniture: 4 Ideas
3/1/14 02:42 AM

Carpet is gross. It's never a flooring solution.

DIY Concrete Floor on the Cheap... and Without the Weight Design Mom
2/28/14 10:18 PM

The carpet looks terrible.

A New Headboard by Bedtime: 12 Unusual & Affordable DIY Headboard Ideas
2/23/14 11:42 AM

It looks like a kid's room after they've left for college.

A Sophisticated Girl's Room in Scarsdale Professional Project
2/23/14 04:54 AM

This looks very unsafe. I love the idea but the reality is bulky and odd.

Before & After: Kristi's DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
2/23/14 04:35 AM