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I use a similar technique to this but with a few slight modifications. I learned the technique from this video by Gordon Ramsey and have had phenomenal results from it.

How To Make Creamy, Luscious Scrambled Eggs | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/7/10 01:10 PM

"When we first moved in a couple weeks ago and noticed the problem, the landlord brought in cleaning folks to take care of it, they did — and now the mold is back only 2 weeks later" that tells me the mold problem is quite extensive, and would venture a guess that there is a water leak feeding the mold growth. There is no way to tell weather or not the mold in your house is toxic or benign, but from the sound of it, given your health problems, it could be toxic black mold which is very dangerous. Most states have laws on the books to protect renters from having to live in mold infested houses. So do a search for [your state] renters rights mold and you should find the info you need.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Mold Permanently? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/26/10 10:11 PM

If rust is your problem then Naval Jelly is your solution, it's cheap and effective.

Tip: Remove Rust with a Potato! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/5/10 09:11 PM

Here's one of the reason why men dominate the upper echelons of professional cooking. When the screw up a dish they throw it out, it doesn't make them any less of man or for that matter any less of a chef. Women in western culture still live under the expectations of a different age where men came home at 5pm to a home cooked meal and a well made martini. A failure in the kitchen was as much personal failure as it was a technical failure. It was an affront to her womanhood. Such societal expectations have made women excessively risk averse, less prone to take risk, more apt to make the safe meal than risk failure on a more adventurous one. So I guess the answer to your question is simple, get over it, toss it or better yet compost it and start over. Too late? Order Pizza or Chinese takeout.

What Should I Do With My Cooking Flops? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/4/10 03:46 PM

Any time your dealing in contrasts the key is balance. Sweet and savory works when both flavors adequately fill he void left by the other. If any one flavor profile upstages the other then the dish as a whole tends to collapse.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Personal Taste: Do You Like Sweet-Savory Combinations?
9/24/09 06:20 PM

First off, nothing beats cast-iron. So whatever you get is going to be a lesser alternative. There are a number of companies that use copper core construction that should be an acceptable alternative.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Are There Lighter Alternatives to Cast Iron Cookware? Good Questions
9/4/09 02:19 PM

Since it looks like you've already got some Ivy there growing I'd suggest you use trellis to your advantage and build your garden and privacy structure such that the Ivy can be trained to grow on it and provide greater privacy.

Apartment Therapy New York | Budget Gardening Tips for Concrete Backyard? Good Questions
9/3/09 05:33 PM

I strive to eat local as much as possible. I aim for organics but will likely choose a local, conventionally produced food over an imported organic food. I'm lucky though, I have two farmers markets a week to choose from, and that's only including those I can ride my bike to.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Organic: The Debate Rages On
8/19/09 08:36 PM

You could install some motorized blinds hidden behind a soffit but the pipes may be an obstacle.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Can I Give the Bedroom More Privacy? Good Questions
8/13/09 10:17 PM

A hack job will look like a hack job. The backs of those chairs look to have some hand stitching with would likely require a curved upholstery needle. Bottom line, it's not going to be easy, it probably won't look as good as it could but it will probably be fun.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Is Reupholstering A Chair An Easy DIY?
6/1/09 03:12 PM

Plants are always a good way to liven up an out door space, and hanging them on the outside of the railing is a great way to preserve what little balcony you have. A mix of plants, some vines which would grow down and others which will grow up is a good way to start. I'm one who likes to kick my feet up, so my suggestion would be to create a high bench which could utilize the railing as a foot rest.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Should I Do To My Balcony?
6/6/08 03:02 PM

My dog Tigger was there when I came home from the Hospital and was there when I graduated from elementary school. He drove with me when I got my learners permit. The following summer his health declined quite rapidly. By August, it was clear what we had to do, he'd stopped eating and could no longer walk without assistance. It was the longest drive of my life, I stood by his side while the vet came into the room, he looked me in the eye, and went to sleep. We took his ashes to the river mouth where he spent his younger days running in the water, chasing tennis balls in the surf and doing all the things dogs love. We stood with the water up to our ankles and spread his ashes into the surf. To this day I like to imagine him playing in the surf, chasing endless tennis balls, rolling in the sand, and doing all the things he loved in life.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Passing of a Pet
6/3/08 07:39 PM

"Must. Have. Floor plan." Agreed, an inventory list including dimensions would also help to keep the budget under control. Though I have to say, the first thing I'd do with a yard like that is build a playhouse/storage space. The last thing you want is for a home to scream "WE HAVE TWO KIDS AND NO PLACE TO PUT ANYTHING!"

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Family Wants Your Decor Help!
4/28/08 04:13 PM

well that's one way to get the elephant out of the room...sell it on Ebay!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Blogging the SF Chronicle: Extreme Antique Sale
3/11/08 06:47 PM

I'm a furniture manufacturer and can tell you that this is an issue that I've been fighting for years. The current alternative to the conventional foam found in most furniture is, well, there is none, at least not at a competative price point. Latex is a natural substitute but is prohibitively expensive. There is a glimmer of hope on the Horizon, soy based foam is begining to come into the market place in fact many of the foam cores on the market today are in fact 5% soy based, a marginal improvement. There has been some progress made in the automotive industry where they managed to produce foam using ~35% soy base. The problem is the performance charachteristics changed and the product is not suitable to upholstery. So my final piece of advice is to go green where you can, and as far as foam goes the best state to buy it in is California due to the fact that they are fazing out those flame retardent chemicals which have been linked to health problems. So while the product itself might not be green at least it won't be spoiling your otherwise green living room with nasty VOC's.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Questions: Green Upholstery Foam
1/3/08 09:00 AM

As has already been said, using flame retardent materials is essential, that said, do some research and make sure the treatment used is safe for your new baby as many of the chemicals used can be particularly harmful to young children. Second, I'd recoment doing it in quarters perhaps using velcro to secure it to the base.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Custom Seat Cushions for Circular Fireplace?
1/2/08 01:06 PM

Chance are this is the result of steam cleaning which likely compromised the bond that held the fabric to the foam cushioning. The upside is that the glue is still there it's since dried and is no longer stuck to the fabric. No amount of weight can make it sticky again but if you were to perhaps use a low iron over a cotton cloth you could heat up the area making the glue viscous and sticky again and then try applying weight hoping that the reheated glue will readhere to the fabric. I can't guarantee results but if that doesn't work you're looking at a reupholstery cost of at least a couple hundred bucks.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Get Rid of The Bubbles?
12/19/07 08:31 AM

oh, the memories, on a more positive note, About 3 years ago I found the roommate of my dreams, if he was female and few inches taller I'd marry him. He's neat, tidy, takes care of my dog when I'm out of town, pays his rent on time, and in cash no less (nothing like starting off the month with a fat roll filling out your pocket). And all he's asked for in return is that I don't raise his rent. You see the reason this factors in is the fact that I've recently purchased my first home and in order to make the morgage payment I have to have a roommate, when the reality of that set in I realized that the rent I'd have to charge was more than he could afford. But instead of going our separate ways I considered the prospect of finding a new roommate and the very though sent shutters through my body. So, I decided that we could make up the $200/mo difference in more creative ways. So, not only do I have a great roommate I can trust and get along with, but I also have a live in dog sitter, and better still he keeps the fridge stocked with all the staples, milk, cheese, oj, purple stuff (not really) it's always there. So you see, roommates are not always the nightmare they threaten to be.

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Deadbeat Roommates
11/14/07 08:03 AM

This looks easy enough to make if one were so technically inclined.

Apartment Therapy - Apple Racks at Plantstuff.com
11/13/07 08:36 AM

This trick requires a bit of dilligence but when executed well you can essentially 'rent' big ticket items like furniture, for a year for essentially nothing. It's actually quite simple, take a credit card with a 0% introductory rate for the first year go to costco.com or samsclub.com or your local club store if they happen to carry furniture, pick a sofa, charge it, save the reciept. Enjoy your new furniture during the school year and once you're ready to check out for the summer call up Sam's Club/Costco and tell them that you're not happy with the sofa and you would like to return it. They'll try some preassure tactics but stick to your guns and they will credit your card and come and pick up the sofa. What also may happen is that they will credit your card and never come to pick up the sofa since often times it's cheaper to let you keep it for nothing than it is to pick it up as it's most likely to be destroyed or donated anyhow. Now some may find this ethically dubious and I would agree, but let's be honest, poverty and want is a strong argument.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Help Me Save My First Apartment?
9/5/07 09:05 AM