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Offering good items up on Frecycle is a great option, too - for people that don't even have enough money to purchase things at garage sale prices.

After the Garage Sale: What to Do With What Didn't Sell Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/20/14 09:25 PM

@skaterjo. Here's a translation from Google. Might be enough to get you started? It's a tad jumbled, for sure, but...

"A few days ago post to divided opinions for and against. I reflect on your preferred lodging a six-chopping on the nursery wall clock or is it for its original purpose. In the end, I decided to save the board and take the time plan.

The watch was easily performed. I googled a fine moon-themed image and print it on A4 paper. I cut the moon from paper and glued it to the same size by cutting the cardboard. As the clock machinery required at the board a little more thickness, I glued the back of the Ikea cork trivets. Any other suitable home is found. The cap and the moon in the middle I drilled a hole in a suitable machine the pin. Fastener machinery and tik tak, works very well."

20 DIY Projects You Can Make for Under $10
5/28/14 02:34 PM

Curious as to why the article states that the artwork hanging above the couch was created by the homeowner. Those are in fact the works of Robert Longo - from his "Men in the Cities" series.

Emily & Kevin's Bold, Detailed Condo House Call
2/15/14 03:36 PM