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What a horrendous 'redo'. Why do people keep ruining furniture? I find this 'remake' offensive. I always see furniture like this at thrift stores, and they just sit there. They were classic, elegant, and timeless. Now they lack sophistication, and look cheap. Nothing classy left. What a shame. Hopefully they get brought to life in the future.

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/22/14 05:13 PM

Because the image featured a gay couple, I automatically assumed I was going to see a house with impeccable taste. This, however, was not the case. I find the furniture selections out of touch with the house, and the color palette a mess. There is no fluidity between the house and what it houses. As a previous poster has already pointed out, two guys with great professions, was it the budget? Because, actually, ikea is expensive for selling disposable furniture that one wastes precious time assembling.

Anyhow, I would suggest besides hiring a contractor, an interior designer would also do wonders. Not too sure about the facade either. It doesn't have the character that I'm used to seeing in other echo park homes.

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/16/14 03:58 AM

This piece seems to be from the 1930's/40's, and was a common piece of furniture that has very little value. Here in Los Angeles, you see these pieces in thrift shop, in the same condition for about $100 or slightly more. If you find the dresser special, I would suggest restoring it. Painting it would further decrease the value. A piece restored is timeless, and can blend in nicely. And definitely keep the hardware - those dressers actually had brass handles, and not metal painted a gold tone.

Advice for Renewing Much-Loved Heirloom Dresser? Good Questions
3/5/14 09:44 PM

This is a great solution if the dresser is many for a film shoot and not to be used ever.

A real solution would be having a guy that works work metal make you one in.... metal. It's not super cheap, but not super expensive either. Spend a little. If you're going to fix something, fix it well or not at all.

How To Make a Matching Missing Handle Artsy Chicks Rule
2/19/14 12:25 AM

Looks like a witch's den with all the candles and dead animals in the apartment. There looks like some serious witchcraft goes on in there. San Franciscans are usually more conscientious about using dead animal products. The sleeping nook would be cute without all the scary images hovering above. A highlight for me was the floor lamp.

Sarah's Curio Filled Studio House Tour
2/14/14 09:37 PM