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Australia also. I wonder how they measured these?

Take the Quiz: Which Country's Parenting Values Match Yours? PBS
5/16/14 11:03 AM

Love the dresser! And this doesn't feel overdone, like some of the nurseries featured - just a nice, fun room.

Ben's Chipper, Cheerful Nursery Professional Project
5/14/14 07:00 PM

We do this, but the other way around - deposit a set sum in our joint account for common expenses (based on our budget, with a bit of wiggle room worked in) and keep the rest for personal expenses - which include treating each other to dates or presents from time to time :) Eventually, we might switch it around and have our pay check deposited in our joint account.

A Smart, Simple, Successful Petty Cash System for Couples Comment of the Day
5/14/14 06:59 PM

I don't mean to sound rude, but thinking Montrealers are French is about as accurate as thinking Americans are British. Other than that, love these suggestions!

What to Eat While Watching Mad Men Better TV Dinners
5/14/14 03:49 PM

Oh, how I wish I had a window like that.

Masha & Colin's Worldly Abode House Tour
5/14/14 12:46 PM

Tarragon is lovely with fresh goat cheese, and can be put into salad dressing. And béarnaise to eat with steak, too. Although I also use most of mine for chicken tarragon!

I grow all of these except cilantro. I'm one of those people who have a violent aversion to cilantro, and it's on everything these days...

Top 10 Best & Easiest Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (And How to Use Them)
5/1/14 11:19 AM

There are so many conflicting theories out there - cold/room temperature, old/fresh, etc. I whip at room temperature or slightly cold from the fridge. I usually add a tiny pinch of salt, because that's what my mom did. I start slow and gradually speed it up, using a cheap electric beater - it has never failed me.
I never use whites from a carton though - maybe that's it? The point about humidity is well taken too, it makes almost all baking related things harder.

Why Won't My Egg Whites Whip? Good Questions
4/28/14 11:28 AM

Keeping kitchen stuff to a minimum, even though we both love to cook (we manage without most of the stuff, though).

My biggest regret is not entertaining much because we don't have a dining space to speak of. I love having people over and am moving to a place with a large dining/living room for that reason.

Other than that, I like my small space just fine. The trade-off was worth it to live in a great neighbourhood in the heart of the city without breaking the bank while we both finished school

What Have Been Your Small Space Sacrifices?
4/27/14 03:14 PM

Lovely. Love the huge windows and tasteful use of color.

Gillian and Christopher's Colorful Glasgow Apartment House Tour
4/26/14 12:33 PM

It's a lovely home, with its own personality and a great Southern vibe. I love the lavender in the living room and the overall cheeriness, also I'm personally not a fan of the lime green walls/purple curtains combination.

And I understand the old/new house problem. I love old homes, but the ones in our city are often very run down with awful layouts. When we buy, I want to renovate an old home, but budgetary constraints may have us leaning towards newer homes...

Emily & Andrew's Colorful New Orleans Home House Tour
4/25/14 12:51 PM

Not sure about the ottoman under the coffee table... I guess it depends on your coffee table but that would not work for me at all.

I like the rest of the tips, and I don't know about Feng Shui, but I couldn't live without storage under my bed - I store out-of-season clothing in pretty, assorted boxes down there. And my extra suitcase.

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for Small Spaces
4/25/14 12:45 PM

I second the love for that runner, looking for something similar. Where is it from?

Before & After: IKEA to the Rescue for a Sloped-Ceiling Closet
4/23/14 10:29 AM

I honestly find sitting on floor pillows incredibly uncomfortable and would not enjoy it at all. I our current space, we have a table against a wall which double duties as a dining table and desk (I store papers and books elsewhere, just need a place to sit with my laptop). We pull it out if we have guests. It works for us, although I'm exited to move to a bigger place in a few months and have a real dining room and office!

5 Tips For Making a Double-Duty Living & Dining Room Work in a Small Space
4/19/14 01:15 PM

These made my Parisian-in-exile heart smile (although I must second the "crème de la crème" comment. Créme would sound super weird)

La Belle France, Chez Toi: 8 Prints for Francophiles
4/17/14 02:26 PM

I love this! Agree that it is small but it's their secondary residence - I feel like I could share a space like this if it were for relaxing, but when I'm stressed about work, I need a door to shut or I will snap at whoever comes my way.

Also, I really like the design and work that went into the space. Irrespective of whether I'd live in a home like this, it is a true encouragement to tackle DIY projects and think about downsizing in our own individual ways.

Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny
Home on the Range House Tour

4/12/14 08:04 PM

I second the Home Depot suggestion. We bought a set on sale that looks no bad, is quite comfortable and has held up well. Ikea also has some good stuff, but that particular chair looks horridly uncomfortable.

7 Sources for Budget Outdoor Furniture
4/9/14 10:51 AM

Yeah, the last one is the only one with some sort of storage. I'm happy to use my laptop at my kitchen table, but although I consider myself somewhat paperless, I still have a few files I need to store conveniently.

Decoration Inspiration Fitting a Home Office into a Small Space Small Space Solutions
4/7/14 07:04 PM

I also have a metal shelf (with a bit more personality and pretty ironwork) that is rusty and in need of some DIY love. I'm also thinking of painting it brass but have never painted metal before, so I'm a taker for advice and I'm glad this turned out well.

Before & After: Plain Jane Shelf Gets a New Occupation
4/4/14 01:13 PM

Not my style but tons of personality and a good job working around the weird layout of so many Montreal apartments. Also, love the rug!

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 12:23 PM

I love Foodlab! Yummy food and fun setting. Although I hate how long Montréal apartments tend to be...

A Chef at Home: Michelle Marek of Foodlab in Montreal Kitchen Tour
4/2/14 03:44 PM