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I love these tips! (Especially living within your means) The candle on the bed was stressing me out, though.

Love Where You Live: 3 Tips from a Professional Organizer Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
2/15/14 12:41 PM

Another tip: take it easy on yourself at first.

I'm recovering from an injury and haven't worked out in a year. Feeling good and motivated this week I thought I'd give spin class a try. Big mistake. I overdid it and have been struggling to walk for a few days. Living in a three-story walk-up has been nothing less than torture. Now I'll have to let my quads heal before attempting to get active again.

So if you're just getting back into the swing of things, learn from my mistake and be kind to yourself. Start with 15 minutes...not an ambitious 45 like me ;)

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/14/14 02:30 PM