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Wow! These are all wonderful suggestions! Thank you for posting my question. And, thank you to all the readers who gave me so many inventive ideas. I can't wait to try them!

Have Any Tips or Recipes for Making Meat-and-Veggie Burgers? Good Questions
9/5/13 06:44 PM

I love these!

Wooden Kids Plates Family Find
7/9/13 04:57 PM

Great idea!

Housewife Sangria: My Secret Cocktail for Drinking Responsibly
7/8/13 03:34 PM

I also fall in line with those who believe healthy food is something worth prioritizing and spending money on. I'm terrible at budgeting (fortunately, my husband is good at it) but I've realized that my spending has shifted from clothing (no kids) to food (two kids). I shop at Whole Foods and farmers markets and we pick our own berries, peas, etc. And now, my shirts come from Old Navy instead of J.Crew. I think that's a fair trade off to make.

When Treats for Kids Are Healthy...
and Expensive

7/8/13 03:27 PM

The small size is also great when you don't have a lot of counter space. Love mine!

Gripper Bar Board Family Find
6/26/13 09:44 AM

I also love Smitten Kitchen and Dinner: A Love Story and follow regularly. Both have helped me quite a bit. But, my basic go-to is How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. It is so comprehensive and really is meant for even the most novice cook. I received it as a Christmas present years ago and I still look in it once a week.
And, while I love blogs, there is something so easy and reassuring about having the book right there in my kitchen with me.

Best Food Blogs For Novice Cooks? Good Questions
5/24/13 07:38 AM

Panna Cotta. Yum!

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/10/13 12:23 PM

Love this! Plus, it will provide hours of fun and discussion with my toddlers.

Eat the Rainbow! This Poster Shows You the Vitamins in Your Fruits & Vegetables
4/25/13 02:43 PM

Thank you so much for your thoughtful post. And, thank you to all the readers for the comments. I just selected marble for my new kitchen and was a bit skeptical because we really aren't all that careful... and we have two toddlers. But, the marble is just so beautiful. I had to go for it.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: How We Finally Got Our Carrara Marble Countertops Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
4/10/13 10:20 PM

I also love this list. A few that resonated with me:

15. Resist the urge to apologize when you’re cooking for people. Most of the time your dinner guests won’t notice anything is wrong until you bring it up.

57. People who say bribery is not a good way to get kids to eat have never had kids.

67. When roasting potatoes – or any vegetable, really – cook five minutes longer than the recipe says. And then cook five minutes more.

100 Rules of Dinner
4/8/13 10:18 PM

We had our coffee table pre-kids and it has worked out really well. We have the Pottery Barn Metropolitan Round. Two kids later and no major mishaps. Plus, the shelf on the bottom conveniently holds books, puzzles, toys.

In Search of the Perfect Family Coffee Table
3/29/13 10:33 PM

Lowter - I completely agree about the Pacific Natural Foods Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup. So good. That is always in my pantry.

Kitchen Convenience: 5 Prepared Foods That Are (Almost) As Good As Homemade
3/4/13 10:20 PM

Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed it.

1939 to 2012: A Home Loved Through the Decades
8/15/12 01:37 AM

I agree with others, ask her. I use Splenda as a substitute when I bake for my dad, but I avoid artificial sweeteners (I eliminated it from my diet during my first pregnancy).

Any Ideas for Simple Diabetic-Friendly Desserts for a Baby Shower? Recipe Questions
6/12/12 02:31 PM

Love it!

Bobby's Splash Pad My Great Outdoors
6/1/12 09:24 AM

Still nursing my 10 month old and I absolutely see a difference in my milk supply when I consume oats. Whether it be a bowl of oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, granola bars, etc.

Can You Recommend Filling, Nutritious Snacks for a Breastfeeding Mom?Good Questions
5/28/12 08:58 PM

I never even knew there is a Kitchen Aid attachment. Great suggestion!

Shopping for Ice Cream Makers: 5 Models We've Reviewed
5/28/12 08:38 PM

Thanks, SARAHJ!

5 Collapsible, Foldable, and Space-Saving Tools for Small Kitchens
5/20/12 09:44 PM

Thank you!

That pizza looks delicious. We'll have to make that one very soon!

Nutritious and Delicious Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Meals and Snacks
5/18/12 04:49 PM

Does anyone have that 4 tier cooling rack? I've had my eye on it but I'm afraid it might not be stable enough. Any reviews?

5 Collapsible, Foldable, and Space-Saving Tools for Small Kitchens
5/18/12 04:47 PM