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I did read the entire AT post, plus the two posts that I had to get through to see the "before" pic by the original poster (the photo originally posted by AT, which was just above the statement "Pictures don't show the real condition of these before.")

Not having an accurate "before pic" kind of ruins the whole idea of a "before/after" post.

There's enough of these painting-nice-wood-before/after-projects out there that they could choose posts where there's a terrible before photo.

To me, this whole post just seems like baiting to agitate the "wood grain is best" camp.

Glad you like your pieces, though.

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/21/14 05:32 PM

I like the before better.

I might dislike the daily "painting-over-nice-wood" posts less if the "before" photos actually looked bad, like the posters always claim.

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/21/14 03:16 PM

Has anyone else noticed the trend of gluing fake flowers onto cacti? They do this at Home Depot or one of those big box stores. When did this start?

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas: 10 Inspiring Succulent & Cactus Gardens
5/7/14 04:36 PM

Amazing! Nicely done.

Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode House Tour
5/7/14 01:15 PM

Shabby chic!

How To Paint a Family Heirloom: Danish Empire Style Chest Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/1/14 01:47 PM

The giraffe is the new fiddle-leaf fig.

How To Decorate with Giraffes
4/1/14 01:14 PM

AT is crushing it today.

New Generation of Appliances Targets Small Space Renters
4/1/14 12:46 PM a person can really "own" a plant. ;)

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Is: Bohemian
2/13/14 02:56 PM