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*eyes glazed*

I love this flat! So tastefully decorated, everything just goes together beautifully. And the parakeet portraits -- pinning to use for future idea!

A Warm Modern Golden Gate Flat Professional Project
5/10/14 05:14 PM

Har har har! :P

How To Decorate with Giraffes
4/1/14 01:10 PM

I really love how organized the kitchen is.

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 12:57 PM

Lovely. Not cluttered, which is a bonus and hard to avoid doing when you have a small space to work with. Very open, great natural light. I can see myself living here and being completely happy.

Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio House Tour
3/13/14 01:13 PM

Sorry, but I'm on the fence about this one. Some aspects were great, but overall it felt way too overdone with all the patterns. It's chaotic to me.

Jane's Patterned Family Pad in London House Tour
3/11/14 01:48 PM

I love the living room. It's so cozy and inviting!

Eva and Jason's Charming Craftsman Bungalow House Tour
3/8/14 12:09 PM

I LOVE THIS! Beautiful; bravo. Very dreamscape. I would love to live here!

Parallel Pulse's Live/Work Loft House Tour
3/7/14 01:45 PM

Decent, but kinda bland for my taste.

Katie & Toby's Artful Edgewater Apartment (8 Years Later...) House Tour
3/7/14 01:42 PM

I seen that octopus before! Different color though. Really neat to see it blown up large like that; I'd do the same thing. The space itself is nice, but a bit too open for me. It needs something, just not sure what.

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 12:27 PM

I see those kitchen chairs in almost all of these house tours. Now I wanna buy some! Also, I want that cat. He's so fluffy! :3

Heather's Sunny San Francisco Space House Tour
3/5/14 01:16 PM

Nice, but looks a bit cluttered.

Candice and Jason's Colorful, Light Filled Apartment House Tour
3/4/14 12:46 PM

Wish we could see more of the kitchen...

Jesse & Jolijn's Art Appreciation in Antwerp House Call
2/20/14 06:56 PM

Beautiful nursery. Superb. I'm not a fan of the color green, but you really made it work for me! Lovely.

Before & After: Finn's Bright and Airy Nursery Transformation
2/13/14 04:53 PM

Our recent apartment had the absolute most atrocious formica countertops imaginable (they weren't the same color in the model). I tried to look past it, but I couldn't. I scoured the internet for a fix that can be reversed when we move out without permanent damage or fees. I came across Instant Granite which has been advertised on Rachel Ray and other reputable sources, and after watching the installation videos and how easy it is to remove without residue, I gave it a try. It came out beautiful and clean. It's also scratch resistant. I'm not sure what kinda vinyl they used, but there's different kinds out there.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50 Blackbird
2/13/14 03:04 PM