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also, I did love the old ombre wood effect, but the "before" pic didn't capture just how badly beat up the arms were.

Before & After: Natalie's New, Blue Chair Special
3/5/14 01:41 PM

Thanks guys! I did not document my process this time... In general, the steps were:
1. remove all of the nail head trim.
2. remove all of the fabric, pulling out (almost) all of the staples. <-- worst part
3. strip, sand, stain, and polyeurethane the wood.
4. Use the old fabric as a pattern to cut out the new fabric.
5. staple the new fabric on, working in reverse to how I pulled the old fabric off.
6. hot glue on the gimp!


Before & After: Natalie's New, Blue Chair Special
3/5/14 01:40 PM

I would put a huge black and white framed poster or engineering print of one of your photos above the bed. I wouldn't want it to take away from that awesome bedspread, and it would play off of those ombre pillows. You could put it in a colorful frame if you want that continuity of color up there.

What Sort of Art Would Work Well in Our Tiny Bedroom? Good Questions
2/12/14 09:21 AM