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I love that dinning room table! Anyone know of a similar table I could buy?

Jill's Cool & Cozy California Cottage House Call
4/14/14 02:53 AM

This is out there and clearly themed, but sooo brilliant. I absolutely love the ship chandelier, dark water (paint color) and iceberg-esk seats. Really unique!

Before & After: Funky Kitchen Gets a New, Fearless Design
4/9/14 12:40 AM

At first glance I really liked them, but the more I thought of the patchwork of different animals hides, the more I felt sick. Sewing together different animals skins for design just seems unnecessarily disrespectful. I am not condemning her work, its very beautiful from far away, but it is not for me.

Surya's New Rugs Play With Materials, Pattern, Texture & More High Point Spring Market 2014
4/6/14 12:27 AM

April Fools, actually the dog won. Right AT?? *nudge nudge*

Congrats Team Cat!
4/1/14 11:42 AM

April Fools!

What Would You Do With These Large Windows? Good Questions
4/1/14 11:26 AM

I second Lolachan, that loveseat is divine! Where is it from?

Before & After: A Year-Long Living Room Transformation
3/9/14 01:03 AM

I have seen this kitchen before and, honestly, it is my favorite kitchen to date. I love that its bright, clean and modern while still being very livable. Copper, bricks and butcher block are my dream supplies

Fetching Kitchen Color: Kelly Green Kitchen Inspiration
3/5/14 11:42 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I really like this painted/hard wood trend going on and this version just stands out

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/5/14 11:19 AM

Not even my normal style, but I am in LOVE with that bathroom!

Before & After: A Floral & Fashionable Bathroom Refresh
3/5/14 11:18 AM

I'm actually going to be traveling and staying with some people soon. I wasn't planning to do anything on this list obviously lol, but I didn't think of sending a thank you letter afterwords (I'll know their address obviously so this is quite doable). So yeah thanks for the idea!

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:39 PM

I used to be pretty freaked out by the occasional bug. Until I found half a worm in the head of broccoli I was eating. After swearing off broccoli (my favorite veggie) for four months I made peace with the half of worm I ate. Now I just check my food thoroughly and the occasional meal worm gets thrown out without incident. If it didn't kill the Elizabethan's it won't kill me.

How To Buy and Store Bulk Foods
Home Hacks

2/19/14 10:30 AM

My roommate and I always turned our overripe bananas into simple muffins. Pretty much the easiest thing to do!

10 Low-Budget Pantry Items Everyone Should Have
2/19/14 10:00 AM

Now that is a truly impressive feat of ingenuity!

An Ingenious Sofa Bed Alternative: Upcycled Foldaway Bed AO at Home
2/17/14 10:32 AM

For tequila, I have to go with Cabo Wabo. Dangerously good.

Our Readers' Favorite Brands of Liquor Reader Intelligence Report
2/11/14 11:47 PM