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Swoon. Do you need a roommate?

Isabelle's Top Floor Flat in London House Tour
4/19/14 08:58 PM

Agree on the first photo... It looks like the apartment we lived in when my parents were in grad school!

5 Tips For Making a Double-Duty Living & Dining Room Work in a Small Space
4/19/14 08:53 PM

Great post. Please do a similar one for builder-grade kitchens. I have the ugly 80s oak cabinets and laminate counters, and can't afford to replace for awhile.

8 DIY Upgrades & Fixes for Builder Grade Bathrooms
4/16/14 06:33 PM

You could make wood boxes and paint them fun colors. If you want baskets, there are lots of DIY tutorials on Pinterest for fabric, woven and glued rope baskets.

I love your shelf, btw. I think I'd do a light stain rather than paint. The laminated vertical support looks cool.

Where Can I Get Custom-Sized Baskets or Boxes? Good Questions
4/16/14 09:12 AM

It looks great, and I love that you found room for a decent-sized dining table. The only thing I would change, and this is just my personal quirk, is that I like my workstation to face a window. If it faced a wall, I'd probably end up on the dining table with my laptop. I have a whole house, and I end up doing that anyway...

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Joe's Own Design Decisions
4/11/14 03:21 PM

The after is lovely. I probably would have tried to fix, strip and repaint the old cabinets, but I get that not everyone is up for that amount of work. I like all the other changes. I'm sure it is much more fun to cook in!

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 03:43 PM

We have a vacation rental house, and the TV is above the fireplace in the family (not living) room. It works fine if you lie down on the couch, and it won't get broken by the renters. It also lets the furniture face the fireplace.

At home, the TV is in the bedroom. For me, TV is for relaxing, and having it in the living area distracts me from, well, living. I want to socialize or clean or do projects in the main part of the house. TV sucks me in if it's there. I also prefer to watch TV lying down.

What about houses designed before tv? I find it really awkward when a room in a craftsman (for example) that was obviously designed to center on the fireplace is rotated to center on a TV.

The Home Theater Mistake We Keep Seeing Over and Over Again
4/9/14 11:02 AM

I notice that a lot of the places features on AT don't have a dining table. Am I the only one who can't imagine living in a place without a dining table? It's the center of my home, and is in the homes of my extended family too. Most socializing I do revolves around dinners or sharing drinks. It's where we play cards, do art projects, and where I'm typing now. Even my college studio had a 4-top (and a bed and no couch). You can eat a bowl of cereal at that little bar, which is cute and I kind of like it, but where do you serve Sunday dinner? Am I just weird?

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 01:48 PM

Beautiful. And, it must be so nice to have a real shower!

Before & After: Naomi's Beautiful British Bathroom
3/12/14 02:34 PM

Am I the only one who uses flannel sheets all year? It's usually cool at night in Seattle, I like open windows, and I run pretty cold. But, even on the hottest nights (we get about a week of 100+ days and 80+ nights) I find a flannel top sheet to be exactly the right weight for cozy but not hot.

The Ikea warmth level 5 comforter gets put away in April or May, but some years not until July.

The \"It's Almost Spring\" Home Refresh Plan
3/6/14 02:33 PM

The classic on becoming a list maker, and harnessing that dopamine rush. Getting Things Done by David Allen
I was NOT a cleaner, and about 2 years of combining GTD with AT have changed that.

I Can Get You Addicted to Cleaning: Dopamine and the Checklist
2/21/14 10:21 AM

Cleaning and organizing is exercise too! I've been wearing a fitbit for about 5 months, and it was pretty surprising how many steps I got from the January Cure.

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/14/14 02:01 PM

I love tile counters, especially vintage (or vintage-looking) ones with contrasting bullnoses on the front. The only downside is that grout is hard to keep fresh-looking. I also like butcher block, stainless and marble when they're used for functional areas, butcher block for chopping, stainless for baking or around the sink, marble for baking. They can also be nice on contrasting kitchen carts. Butcher block and Corian have the advantage that you can knock over a wine glass without breaking it. Granite feels very dated to me.

Tired of Granite? 8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider
2/12/14 04:19 PM

Interesting. I think of white kitchens as more 2000's and 1990's as cherry or maple with granite... think dot com era Whistler townhouses, with beige burber carpet and wood kitchen floors. I bought my house in 2000, and all the magazines had white kitchens with butcher block or slate counters and farm sinks.

6 Big Home Trends from the 1990s
(That Just Might Return)

2/11/14 03:09 PM