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Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/30/14 07:46 PM

Not your typical paint job

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
3/16/14 08:55 PM

Hmmm broadcast their success? Sounds like that 1% has insecurity problems.

IKEA Survey Reveals What's Important About American Homes Design News
3/15/14 03:47 PM

Great! A big scam by big corporations to sell more products at the expense of the environment!

San Francisco Bans Single-Serving Plastic Bottles Design News
3/15/14 03:36 PM

Great job! It's more interesting to see someone who can find the beauty in a piece others wouldn't instead of just buying something new.

Before & After: Rita's From Rusty to Cherished Cart
3/15/14 03:29 PM


Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/7/14 03:53 AM

Um not liking this, I am all about being bold and pushing the limits with design, but this is not working together. I dont think the colors go together at all, but if you are going to insist on putting together clashing colors, do it in small doses. Separate everything and it would look better. Less is more!

Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/7/14 03:52 AM

Ha thats what I did!

5 Tips for Cutting Down On Dirty Dishes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/4/14 04:51 AM

Really dislike this look, reminds me of a bathroom more than a kitchen.

Weekend Room Refresh: 7 Kitchens Made Better With a Mirror
3/2/14 06:58 PM

Big improvement. Put up some shelves above the toilet. Get a crisp big bathroom mat to cover that hideous floor. Also I would get baskets that you can not see through, they have some that are lined with cloth, it will take away from the messy look. I probably would have gone with a bluer color, this green reminds me of the early 90s.

Before & After: Mandy's Simple and Refreshing Bathroom Makeover
3/2/14 06:56 PM

Great work! Not my favorite color and not feeling that oversized can of shortening, needs to be softened up with something more elegant.

Before & After: Martha's Midnight Owl Dresser
3/1/14 05:55 PM

Agree with some of the above statements, I would not have messed with the details of the credenza, probably just refinish it. I probably would have just not put this in a kids room and just restore it to its former glory.

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/28/14 05:57 PM


Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/23/14 05:09 PM

Great transformation of the fire place I have to say, I am not too keen on the giant TV on the wall, maybe that was the best place to put it from a practical stand point.

Before & After: Kristi's DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
2/22/14 06:27 PM

well done, very pretty

Before & After: Chelsea's Buffet Transformation
2/22/14 02:50 PM

Add some hardware! It will be perfect then

Before & After: A Dresser Gets Dressed Up With Contrast
2/21/14 12:57 PM

So flippin cute!

Before & After: A Honey of a Secretary Desk Update
2/20/14 07:58 PM

looks great!

Emily & Kevin's Bold, Detailed Condo House Call
2/15/14 04:35 PM

Oh I forgot to mention paint colors, you can make the counter tops charcoal grey (contact paper vs. paint?), cabinets if you decide to paint them, I would go with white to open up the space and maybe pick a bluish charcoalish accent wall, I would do the wall with the stove against it. Backsplash stencil color, a palate of three or four bluish charcoals. DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY! I think you might be able to get away with cost of paint for maybe 200 bucks?

Ideas for Refreshing a Rental Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions
2/14/14 05:09 PM

Paint the walls. There are stencils that can give you a faux backsplash tile effect, the stencil I believe I saw on Etsy for 10 bucks? Maybe you can try contact paper for your laminate counters ( I have not personally used them, but I have seen people post about covering laminate with contact paper and it being easy to maintain and giving a nicer look). Add hardware, can really change the look of cabinets (I wonder if contact paper would work on cabinet doors so you don't have to paint them). For the floor you could get a big outdoor rug that can cover the floor and you can later take with you, or you can get a stencil and paint the floor (I have seen some amazing transformations with stencils) and then throw an outdoor rug on top. For the appliances, you can attempt to spray paint them a black if you want a cleaner look. I would invest in lighting that you can take with you when you are moving out.

Ideas for Refreshing a Rental Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions
2/14/14 05:03 PM