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Beautiful post! I know there's a little Irish pub near me that serves a hearty, rustic breakfast that is utter perfection. (Plus, they're really QUIET in the mornings!) Maybe next time I wake up feeling down I'll head over there...

How to Eat Your Way to Happiness Weekend Meditation
7/27/14 09:38 PM

My birthday is Tuesday and I'm blessed with wonderful family and friends so I'll be eating out a LOT this week. Since I don't need to prepare much ahead, I just made a big batch of delicious gazpacho. I just finished eating a bowl with some very flavorful locally made hot sauce, and I have plenty for light meals and snacks this week!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 26-27, 2014
7/27/14 09:34 PM

Darling!!! I don't need a bar cart, but I would buy this one in a second if I saw it for sale!

Before & After: A Simple Side Table Goes Gold & Bold!
7/27/14 02:31 PM

I let my ex talk me into renewing the lease for another year even though I KNEW we were on the verge of a breakup! Why did I do that?! Thankfully, my sister was willing to take over the lease when we DID split up a few weeks later.

What's Been Your Biggest Rental Regret?
7/27/14 02:28 PM

I was going to say the same thing. When I worked as a vet tech, I pet-sat for a lot of our clients. It worked out great because the pets already knew me, and I knew what was normal or abnormal for the pets. The clients with diabetic/kidney failure pets were especially thrilled, because I had experience with their pets' problems and they didn't have to pay the high fees for 'medical boarding' at the office.

The Best Resources for Finding Pet Sitters
7/24/14 04:08 PM

I always make a big batch of gazpacho when hosting my vegan friends...Throw the ingredients in the blender, blend until almost smooth, and chill! Plus, I can put it in a thermos and bring it to work. :)

10 Easy Vegan Meals to Make This Summer Recipes from The Kitchn
7/23/14 02:40 AM

Sometimes people just don't know...someone finally told me after MONTHS that my dog barked after I drove away and kept at it until I returned.....that had to SUCK on days when I worked 10 hour shifts. They were super rude about it too....which I can understand after listening to the racket for months, but why not POLITELY tell me after a day?

I bought him a bark collar the day I was told, and enrolled him in daycare the next day, but I really wish someone had told me after a day or two instead of letting it drag out.

Nobody Wants to Be the Noisy Neighbor: Tips for Keeping Your Sound Down
7/23/14 02:15 AM

When my new neighbors moved in I brought down a card with all of our phone numbers on it and let them know that if my dog barked while we were out they could call and I would drop what I was doing to come home and stop it.

We haven't always gotten along perfectly, but I think that gesture got us off to a good start. Her two teenage sons can be loud, but I know from our chats that they've never lived in a place with shared walls and they are learning.

It's MUCH better than my relationship with the previous neighbor, who I used to argue with about her howling dog on a weekly basis.

The Neighbors are Noisy as S#*!: How to Cope When You Love Your Home But Hate Your Neighbors Renters Solutions
7/16/14 04:59 PM

I'm house-sitting for friends who are going to be gone long enough for any perishables in the house to go bad, and I was told to help myself. They have a bunch of fresh goodies form their CSA that I intend to savor!

Late this evening I chopped up some potato, onion, carrots, green beans, and mushrooms, browned them with some frozen chicken, and tossed them into a casserole dish with some white wine garli sauce. It's all in the oven right now making the house smell MAGNIFICENT!

Hubby is not a fan of garlic (flavor or scent), so when I'm home with him I don't cook with much garlic except as an occasional treat. Since I have my friend's house to myself I'm doing ten tons of roasted garlic, 40-clove sauce, all sorts of goodies!

How I Might Eat if I Lived Alone Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
7/15/14 01:39 AM

I have snakes, and sadly I've realized that with them nondisclosure is the best policy. People FREAK THE EFF OUT about a harmless animal that weighs less than five pounds and lives in a tank with four locks on it.

Thankfully we're not renting right now, but we will be again within the year, and I simply am not mentioning the snakes.

Tips For Negotiating a Lease with Exotic Pets
7/11/14 02:48 PM

I'm smiling because to me, my place looks rather slapdash and unfinished, but I have gotten some very sweet compliments on it. I have an eclectic style that probably wouldn't suit most people, but apparently it works!

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 06:31 PM

This turned out absolutely darling!! I'd love this piece in my home!

Before & After: A Damaged Desk Gets a Dramatic Change
7/7/14 05:36 PM

Nicely done!! This turned out fantastic!

Before & After: A New Old Dresser
6/26/14 02:35 PM

This kitchen is beautiful!! The before looks a lot like my current kitchen, and I'd LOVE to do a similar revamp...if only we owned the place... :)

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/22/14 04:12 PM

This is a lazy, no-cooking weekend. I picked up two take-n-bake pizzas yesterday and we've been nibbling our way through those as well as eating out/catching up with some relatives. :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of June 21-22, 2014
6/21/14 10:47 PM

I would never have had the patience to get that floor right, it looks amazing! I love this transformation!

Before & After: A Kitchen Gets a Dramatic Transformation with Paint & Hardware Under $700
6/21/14 06:08 PM


What a delightful dresser!! I bet it makes him happy every time he sees it!

Before & After: Vintage Dresser Goes For a Sweet Ride
6/20/14 03:47 PM

OMG I am SO doing this this weekend! I wish this idea had popped up a day earlier so I could bring one on my camping trip tomorrow!

The DIY Doughnut Hat of Your Dreams
6/18/14 02:45 AM

WOAH! This is stunning! I would LOVE to have this powder room in my home.

Gotta love those old houses with their creative spaces. My hubby is doing the electrical part of a remodel of an old home with an 8-sided living room that just makes me swoon. <3

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/18/14 02:40 AM

Haha, I have a GORGEOUS burnt-orange velvet vintage Chesterfield sofa.....and two cats, and a dog. When we're not using the sofa, I keep a couple of their favorite fleece blankies draped over their favorite sleeping spots.

It doesn't stop me from having to vacuum the couch every week, but it helps a little!

Practical Decorating: Mitigate Messes with Blankets on the Sofa
6/18/14 02:36 AM