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Love the kitchen floor. And love that you let there be evidence that you have stuff and it's beautifully visible. Having seen 2 awesome BOston AT post with a garage turned into a studio- I think a great AT re-post would be simple ( and maybe sometimes not so simple)- garage transformations- for low impact space recalamation ideas. Of course this is pure fantasy on my part- we don't even have a garage.

House Tour: Bonnie, Bill, Nina & Dora’s Funky Functional Home
7/15/11 11:02 PM

Great Tour of a great house, love the balance of bold color against the neutrals! Thanks for sharing your home!

Audrey & Mark's Newton Original with Artist Studio
House Tour

7/6/11 11:32 PM

I love#1 too but was not able to find how to make it for myself even after following the links- it'd be great if there was a tutorial for that one

7 Doormats You Can Make For Yourself
5/11/11 10:06 PM

We installed 2x8 white tiles by daltile in out kitchen as a simple modern take on subway tile and I love them- you can see a bit of it on our house tour on the AT Boston site- Danielle and Derek's somerville sanctuary, can't get the link to work right now.

Subway Tile In The Kitchen
5/11/11 09:55 PM

It's already been said but it's worth repeating- those stairs are awesome! I also covet an office desk that size and love the use of the ironing board as shelf/light holder. Thanks for sharing both in the tour and in your blog!

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
House Tour

5/9/11 09:58 PM

For Quiana and others who asked about the Bedroom sconce- It came from Derek's family- he's had it since college and we don't know the brand/designer. I keep hoping we'll find another to match it. The chrome wall sconce in the front office was a splurge from 20th century provenance in Cambridge. Thanks for the comments.

Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
House Tour

4/29/11 10:41 PM

yoyoluvpink- the marble countertop is from Empire Marble and granite- it is the one next to the radiator shop. andimcd-the Office color is Flamingo Flower from Ralph Lauren- the close up of the sticks captures the color the best. Chimera-The artist who did the cat charcoal drawing is now doing mostly film and video, I couldn't find a web site for her either, we got the drawing a few years ago during FT Point Open studios.

Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
House Tour

4/27/11 10:15 PM

Thanks everyone! Kellydlangen and skaterjo- the bedroom sconce is vintage- with the wall attachment altered (walnut of course)- I keep hoping to find another one too. -Danielle

Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
House Tour

4/26/11 08:21 PM

Having been in this fabulous space- I can tell the plywood doubters out there that the ply wall totally works in the space- both in terms of a sculptural truth to materials approach and the way it balances to the white wall opposite. cool to see the tour!

James & Donna's South End Artist's Loft
House Tour

1/27/11 10:17 PM

I wouldn't paint the moldings and paneling, though painting the brick might bring a little light. I agree with Sousani-You can bring light in by getting a lighter colored bigger rug, it would bounce light up in to the room and would provide an interesting contrast between the darks of the floor and furniture. That combined with some light pillows and a throw would bring light through the room.

How Should We Brighten This Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/9/09 08:06 PM