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This is very inspiring. My husband and I will soon be in the market for our first small house. We also live in Portland and tiny houses like this are about all that fit in our price range :)
We have been figuring that anything we can afford will be something of a fixer.

Thank you for sharing your home and your great ideas!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Confessional: On a Budget, Compromise Affords Indulgence
12/18/07 12:44 PM

I find out what people collect. For instance, my mother in law collects salt and pepper shakers. So throughout the year, we look for interesting pieces to add to her collection and give them to her as gifts.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Survey: Second-Hand Gifts?
12/18/07 10:14 AM

I'm hoping more people will post their feedback. I have been looking to epoxy our basement apartment floor since we ripped up our carpet and have an exposed, ugly concrete.

We are mainly considering it because it is a cheap solution for a large area, but this is making me reconsider...

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Epoxy Concrete Finish?
12/17/07 03:59 PM

Looks are deceiving with these bags. They look small, but fit a good amount of groceries. Certainly at least as much as a standard paper bag-- I'd actually say more simply because they are much stronger. They can be stuffed until bulging and won't break like a paper or regular plastic bag. We bought 4, but rarely ever use more than two at a time (weekly shopping for two adults).

And they conveniently can be stuffed into a small little pouch that is sewn into the interior of the bag for storage, although I just toss them in my purse as is.

They aren't the sexiest looking bags, but they are all I use.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Stocking Stuffer: Chico Bag
12/17/07 03:52 PM

Vinyl graphics can be easy to install. It helps if you are using a thicker vinyl and one color. All you generally need is a tape measure (if you are applying vinyl that is multiple color or needs to be aligned with anything) and a surface cleaner. Vinyl usually can be removed from walls easily and leaves little if any damage.

My husband and I own a design vinyl signage business and when I learned, I got the hang of it in about an hour. It is really easy.

And as a shameless plug for my company ;)
For those posters who are possibly interested in designing their own wall or window graphics it can be affordable. We do custom vinyl graphics starting at $8 sq. ft. with a $25 on-time cutting fee.

Apartment Therapy - Vynil Wall Graphics
9/4/07 07:50 PM