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You guys did an AMAZING job! It's so crazy how many houses have beautiful wood floors under gross carpet! My mother ripped up the carpet in every house we moved into when I was growing up, every single one had gorgeous wood floors underneath.

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/15/14 02:28 PM

Starting with a clean home is the key to keeping it clean. Spring is the perfect time to throw open the windows, and start cleaning and de-cluttering. After that, keeping it clean just means spending an hour or two per week tidying up. I have two days off per week, one is spent having fun and/or lounging, the other is spent running errands and cleaning. It makes life much easier, and it allows me to be able to come home from work to a clean home where I can relax and enjoy myself.

The Quick Clean: 5, 10 and 15 Minute Plans to Painlessly Whip Your Home into Shape
3/24/14 02:50 PM

We mostly use plastic tupperware for leftovers that go into the fridge, but I'm adamant about anything in the pantry going in glass. We don't have open shelving, but I had a mice infestation in a shared house a few years ago and they would chew right through plastic containers. It was horrifying. We bought large canning jars last summer when we were pickling, and I also use some of those for pantry storage. Mostly, though, we use recycled jars for everything. They work great in the craft room too!

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/24/14 10:20 AM

This is my absolute favorite house tour. So great.

Vahan's \"California Confused\" Small Home House Tour
3/20/14 08:41 PM

Oh yeah. I've been keeping a book of matches in my bathroom for years. Once the boyfriend moved in, I explained bluntly what it was for. He was amazed.

How To Make Fart Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Smells Go Away
2/10/14 07:19 PM

What a great post! I've been looking for a stylish way to display my boyfriend's guitars. Between cats and dust bunnies, they're driving me slightly crazy! This is just perfect!

5 Simple Yet Stylish Ways to Display Stringed Instruments
2/6/14 05:55 PM

I am slightly baffled that people need a reminder to be conscientious and courteous to people in the service industry (especially the people one sees on a daily basis). But, then again, I work in the service industry and have first-hand experience with how inconsiderate (and downright rude) people can be.

Brighten Someone's Day: 31 Simple, Thoughtful Ideas Real Simple
2/6/14 05:53 PM