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The Mottainai Lofts in the Gateway Quarter of Cincinnati are using this style tile in all their baths and kitchens.
The tile is all made locally by the newly reopened Rookwood Pottery Co.

Beyond Subway: Linear Tiles in Porcelain and Glass | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/1/09 04:33 PM

When you open the garage door, every bit of air-conditioned or heated air goes whooshing out of the 8x16' opening.

Well the whole idea is to let the outside in and the inside out. They aren't the most airtight in the world, this winter I plan on taping them up and maybe a layer of plastic.

But combined with 16' windows, there were stretches of days last winter in the 20 degree range were when sunny the furnace never ran. So there are some trade offs.

Roundup: Garage Doors For Interiors | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/11/09 08:46 AM

You can get a better idea of the door with this picture


I started calling it my city door since garage door didn't sound appropriate.
You can't under estimate just how incredible opening this door is.

Roundup: Garage Doors For Interiors | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/9/09 03:48 PM