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how do you handle years of collecting favorite sports team-miami Dolphins-now living in a 1 bedroom-600sq ft apartment?? any ideas??

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2/15/14 02:39 PM

with little storage space-I use mine to store extra sheets and pillowcasses-I roll them up tight and slip them into the base--besides-I own only one each-brown, black,blue and red-the other 3 are Miami Dolphin fun ones and those are stored as decorations with the rest of our Dolphin collection until I use them

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2/13/14 02:54 PM

the piece coming out looks like a hinged holder for a tray of medical equipment--depending on the size of the cabinet, maybe this sat under a table, rolled out for use when a patient was there-I do remember cabinets like these that rolled under/into corners out of the way

Before & After: Creepy Metal Eyesore Gets a Second Glance
2/13/14 01:52 PM

all has been said already--I love a challenge like this and once did a project-while renting an apartment--an old wood toolbox soaked in oil--cat litter helped absorb the oil, Formbys products and alot of work made it well worth it--I loved refinishing trunks too and at one time had 8 I had refinished--wish I had pictures--anyway-nice to know there are others who can see the potential in what looks like a lost cause--being a former medical worker-I want one- by the way-where did you find this?and what products did you use?

Before & After: Creepy Metal Eyesore Gets a Second Glance
2/13/14 01:44 PM

Standing Ovation for the work, ideas and breaking from materialistic living!!I went through a rough time in my 40's losing alot of items I worked hard to get but it made me realize what was important was my memorabilia saved from my boys childhoods. When they turned 20, I gave it all up for them to store now and kept only my favorites. Its very difficult for most people to live so pared down and though I dont know your age, I am guessing your under 30.My husband recently had to give up many things as we went from a 3bedroom home to 650sq ft 1bedroom apartment. We are still trying to organize his auto/wood and computer stuff and storage is tight but it can be done. What a great home you have made and thank you for sharing it. The self sustaining thing will come and ignore the negative comments and be proud of your accomplishment.

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2/5/14 07:51 PM

First--I love this site-so many ideas not enough money or time to do--so about the dilemma of neighbors.... my husband and I are early 50ish and recently moved from a 3bdrm home to 1bdrm apartment with our cats. Adjusting to sizing down has been hard and leaving our "cul de sac" life has actually helped the socializing factor.I would suggest being friendly with any youngsters helps open the door for the adults. Children can tell if your friendly and easy to approach. We havent had any get togethers yet but there is a group who play dominoes when its nice out and an outdoor activity you set in motion during the hours most are home may spark some attention and open conversations.
A previous experience happened when I was single,after too many hurricanes in a row and no power, our complex gravitated outside and it turned into a barbacue and all the food we didnt want to waste-it was great meeting and helping each other in a rough time.

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2/5/14 03:15 PM