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Super cute!!! Great colors. Closet doors are usually closed, but you need to keep this one open all the time!

Before & After: DIY Coat Closet Makeover Classy Clutter
7/8/14 10:21 AM

WOW. That is talent right there.

Before & After: A Damaged Desk Gets a Dramatic Change
7/7/14 10:27 AM

You have amazing vision. Absolutely lovely!

Before & After: An Old Dresser Gets a Refresh (In a New Room)
6/24/14 12:18 PM

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE TO GET THAT TANK TOP I WANT IT. And I can't sew, but all the rest of the ideas work. haha :) As well as sell some of your stuff on Craigslist!! Just sold some items and make a quick $50. Great, list, thank you!

Savvy Style: How To Save Money on Clothes (and Look Great Doing It!)
6/11/14 02:53 PM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Terrific job. i'm also incredibly jealous!

Before & After: A \"Wreck\" Gets Beautifully Redone
5/8/14 10:38 AM

Sigh - what if you don't have any room to put it EXCEPT over the fireplace?? Or a piece of furniture to put it on?!? :( Sad panda - I dislike having it on top of the fireplace, but, alas. :(

The Home Theater Mistake We Keep Seeing Over and Over Again
4/9/14 09:58 AM

omg, I'm getting so worried when I see all of these posts, then I realize HELLO APRIL FOOLS lol

How To Paint a Family Heirloom: Danish Empire Style Chest Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/1/14 02:16 PM

I just spit out my coffee. You are amazing.

Before & After: Katherine's Spicy New Valentine
2/14/14 10:02 AM