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Brilliant. This was always my favorite part of going to a new friend's home. I've never partaken in the sex with a stranger in their home activity, but I do love viewing other people's homes. Especially the stylish ones (as seen on AT).

Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?
2/18/14 12:37 PM

I agree. Raising your children an appropriate way is obviously necessary. I was raised not to take pride in designer clothes, not to expect every toy ever, and to be extremely grateful when I did receive gifts. My father encouraged smart decisions, he offered to match whatever amount I earned when I wanted to buy my first computer (age 14, and it benefited the whole family).

However, each person's identity is going to slowly seep in eventually. I have a design state of mind, and cannot help but love designer clothes, furniture, etc. I am aware of how materialistic I can be sometimes, but I consider it a personal guilty pleasure. I will probably always splurge on a computer. You have to teach your kids to appreciate the good in life, and work hard for what they want, regardless if what they want is a cheap plastic toy, an $800 computer, or a sailboat (the object my father worked hard to earn).

As soon as I started getting summer jobs is when I developed my own sense of what I liked to save for. My parents allowed me to spend that money on what I deemed appropriate, as did my parents' parents.

Could You Go A Year Without Spending Money On Your Kids?
2/18/14 12:17 PM

I would just do a nice white subway tile backsplash and that would immediately brighten it up. Also, you could either wallpaper or paint the back panels of the cabinets with the glass panes to give it a pop of color. Just decorate with more stainless steel (that stove is amazing) add some fresh flowers (maybe bright yellow tulips) and it's perfect.

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/7/14 08:20 PM

Velvet Navy! It would really add drama to frame the light and brightness of yellow and white

Curtain Colors Suggestions for White Room with Gold Rug? Good Questions
2/5/14 10:34 AM