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I wanted the exact same thing-- 60" vanity with a single sink offset-- and the ONLY prefab options I found were in a modern style, not suitable for a Craftsman, and that was maybe two or three cabinets out of a thousand. Seriously, I research like a crazy person, I saw so many cabinets. I agree your best bet is to either to place two 30" cabinets side by side with a single top or go (semi-)custom. For reference, we did a 60" custom vanity in bamboo for about $2900 in the SF bay area (not counting the top or installation), so if you can find two 30" prefabs that might cheaper.

I know those of you who are suggesting buying the cabinet and top separately mean well, but the 1) that's actually hard to do in a prefab unit, and 2) it's the cabinet layout that's the problem, because the cabinet is built for a centered sink, or a pair, so it doesn't make good use of space if you're using an off-center sink.

Another thing you might consider is a vessel sink (the sink sits on top of the counter, so only the waste pipe and supply lines have to fit inside the cabinet). Because you don't need room for the sink bowl inside the cabinet you can go with some unusual options. For my guest room I have a vessel sink sitting on top of a 1913 sewing cabinet I got at an antiques store for $120 and it works perfectly.

Mostly I'm just so happy I'm not alone. My husband and I have been sharing a bathroom for 20 years and have never, ever, ever needed to use the sink at the same time. Why you would want a superfluous hole where you could have counter space is beyond me. Go Team Single Sink!

Does Anyone Make a Double-Size Vanity for Only One Sink? Good Questions
7/21/14 04:09 PM

Great idea! As long as you're not red-green colorblind. Seriously, this is not a super rare condition, it's something like 7% of men in the US. So I guess only 12,127,500 men will still be looking for feet. And that's not counting Republican legislators, badum-tish!

Tooshlights Eliminate the Awkward Search for Open Bathroom Stalls Design News
7/16/14 05:26 PM

Yes. It was a college dorm room but still a rental. And what I painted was Sandman in Hell, across an entire wall. I don't have a digital photo and I don't want to link to someone else's photo without giving them page traffic, so check it out at
Hint: it's the picture that's not of Lou Reed.

It was a remarkably good likeness if I do say so myself. Red, white, and black latex paint and a black Sharpie for the lines. Legend has it that after I moved out the university left it, until a family stayed there for a summer event and it frightened their child. That could be entirely urban myth, I never went back to see it.

As far as permission goes, I was 19 and I didn't much give a damn at that point.

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 03:14 PM

First, I have no idea how someone would answer this question without seeing the rest of the house floorplan. But this does jump out at me: don't forget to consider the ceilings. The LR has awesome high ceilings and the center room has a nice coffered ceiling. How would you marry those if you took down the wall between them?

Add my vote to the Wait a Year crowd. Those walls are probably plaster, and I wouldn't want to think about what it would cost to replace those arched doorways if you took down the walls and changed your mind later.

Having said that, I've had two houses now with long skinny living rooms (more than twice as long as wide). The LR in my current house was about 30' long and only 12' wide. We knocked down a wall to make the short dimension wider (about 18' now) but we put up a couple of very shallow walls to separate the first 10' into a library, so now the main living space is almost square. Regardless of size, a square or nearly square room is so much easier to work with than a "bowling alley" room.

Help Lay Out Row of Compartmentalized Rooms? Good Questions
6/24/14 03:59 PM

$4000 for a customized 8-foot black leather Chesterfield. Only because I couldn't justify $12,000 for this sofa, from Beautiful Modern Thing in the UK:

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Sofa?
5/13/14 05:30 PM

I'm wondering why you're still limiting yourself to commonly install fonts like Georgia, Arial, Baskerville and (as one person suggested) Verdana? Between Google fonts, Font Squirrel, TypeKit and dozens if not hundred of other services, there are now thousands of fonts to choose from that will display in all but the edge cases (which you would have a font stack for anyway). I like Helvetica Neue myself and there are a bajillion display fonts available for headlines.

Branch out! Consider Lato, Droid Serif, Roboto, Museo Slab! It's a whole wide world of web-ready typefaces out there!

Font Change! Baskerville is out for text, Georgia is in... May 2014 Relaunch
5/10/14 12:58 AM

citychick66 may have LOLed but I agree: I miss the orange.

Baskerville may have been okay at a larger size. I kept thinking it was a mistake. I do like Georgia better for screen use.

That said, how letting your users customize the look? Have a very small menu of body font options and save the preference in a cookie. Readers with dyslexia, low vision, contrast issues, or just strong aesthetic preferences could make it their own. I think it would be cool to have a user-designed design blog.

CDevine, I don't know what browser you use but I think most of them allow you to set up a "user style sheet" that will override certain styles. You might look into it and see if you can set a preference to have all sites default to your preferred font.

Font Change! Baskerville is out for text, Georgia is in... May 2014 Relaunch
5/9/14 08:02 PM

*subscription. no s.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 02:36 PM

ellabee is right. The wall underneath a window is never load-bearing, so if you were to replace the existing window with a taller one (but the same width), you'd be doing the absolute minimum of structural work. If the new window is less than (I think) 18" off the ground, though, you'll have to use tempered glass, in case someone falls through it.

To make windows wider, though, you have to replace the header and load-bearing studs, plus you'll be doing more work on the exterior to repair the siding/stucco/whatever.

Also, as new homeowners, the best investment you can make is a subscriptions to Angie's List.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 02:34 PM

And a note to Sweet Eyes' people: Your dog is precious and adorable. I know how I would feel if people didn't think my dog was cute and that's not the case at all. It's just a simple case of little dog overload for those of us used to cleaning slobber off the ceiling, plus that cat has a moustache. Congratulations on being in the final and representing the dog side of cute! I bet he is the love of your life as well he should be.

Plus, at least he's not a poodle ;)

Pet Madness Day 12: The Final Battle!
3/31/14 02:29 PM

It's a myth that you can't have a big dog in an apartment. Mastiffs and greyhounds both are notoriously sedentary. I second the movement for more big dogs. And I second Ron Swanson!

I can't believe I voted for the cat but c'mon. A green eyed cat vs yet-another-little-white-and-fluffy, no contest.

Pet Madness Day 12: The Final Battle!
3/31/14 02:24 PM

Lovely paper cut by Julene, and one of my favorite poems, but perhaps not the best sample to advertise. The estate of e.e. cummings is notoriously protective, and if this image gets around she may be hearing from their lawyer.

Valentine's Day Ideas: Give Custom, Personalized Art
2/4/14 05:48 PM