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There's no guarantee on a return on investment in owning a home. I have friends who absolutely regret buying because their homes aren't worth near what they paid for them, and on top of paying a mortgage and taxes, they also have to be ready to shell out money to repair anything at any time.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/16/14 02:03 PM

I guess it's just the way I was brought up that responsibility and obedience were very similar. I feel like obedience is necessary to learn responsibility. As a little kid, I wasn't able to comprehend the idea of responsibility, but I could comprehend obedience. As I got older, I learned, "Oh, you do these things because (whatever), not just because your parents tell you to." So while I would never expect someone to be obedient just for obedience's sake as an adult, I feel that obedience is a very valuable trait in a child.

Take the Quiz: Which Country's Parenting Values Match Yours? PBS
5/16/14 01:33 PM

I didn't go that far with it. I saw it more like, "When I tell you not to stick your finger in the electric socket, I want you to take some personal responsibility for your own safety and not do it."

Take the Quiz: Which Country's Parenting Values Match Yours? PBS
5/16/14 12:18 PM

Australia. Huh.

I think I would have liked to put a few of them on equal footing, like hard work and determination (which in my book are the same thing?) and obedience and a sense of responsibility, which I think go hand in hand.

Take the Quiz: Which Country's Parenting Values Match Yours? PBS
5/16/14 10:38 AM

Friends of mine have a similar living room situation and they took a photo from DUMBO of the Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in the background. They then dedicated one wall to displaying that picture. They figured out how to print sections of the photo out as 8x10s, which they then hung on the wall so that when you step back, you can see the whole picture and the space between the 8x10s has the effect of a grid-type window, blocking out sections of the scene. It's really amazing and it definitely makes the room look bigger and brighter.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 09:04 AM

I meal plan every week, but I often run into the problem of Wednesday coming up and then not feeling like having spaghetti, which was the plan for that night. And I can't make Thursday night's dinner because it takes longer to make and that doctor appointment on Wednesday is going to cut into my time to be able to cook, so ordering delivery it is!

Tips for Sticking to a Budget: Getting Grocery Shopping Under Control Budget Living
5/16/14 08:48 AM

Ugh. I'm having so many problems with my wrists at work because a.) the desk and keyboard are too high up for me and the desk height can't be changed b.) I can't make my chair taller because I'm a transcriptionist and use a foot pedal to stop and start videos, so the chair has to be low enough so my foot can be on the pedal because I'm so short c.) my monitor height can't be adjusted and d.) when I leave for the day, a man who's got a foot of height on me comes in and uses my desk and equipment, so even if I could adjust everything, it certainly wouldn't stay that way.

The Easiest Way to Figure Out the Perfect Desk & Office Chair Height
5/16/14 08:45 AM

What about Stan? I imagine it has to be something that can be eaten with a straw so he doesn't get anything in his beard.

What to Eat While Watching Mad Men Better TV Dinners
5/15/14 12:16 PM

I'm the introvert giving all the other introverts a bad name when it comes to shyness. I am ridiculously shy and self-conscious and am the worst person to invite to a dinner party full of strangers. I will not talk. I need to meet a person a couple of times (or talk with them online before meeting) to feel them out before I will start talking. After that, I will talk a lot, but I often need to excuse myself from a get-togethers to go sit in the bathroom for a while to recharge.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/15/14 12:12 PM

I guess to me it would be like calling a plumber to come unclog both your kitchen and bathroom sinks and then asking if he would knock 20% off the cost since he didn't have to make two trips.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/15/14 08:51 AM

This. I think so many people choose to ignore or are ignorant to all the hidden work that goes into this sort of thing.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/14/14 01:40 PM

In the case of my husband and I, it's just pure laziness. We lived together for six years before getting married and I didn't want to combine the finances before we were 'official', so we figured out a way to make things work and then when we got married, the thought of going to the bank and setting it all up and then changing our direct deposits and the online bill payments... Ugh. It was just too much work at that point.

We don't, however, split everything up 50/50 like your friend and her husband. My husband makes twice what I do, so he pays the rent, I pay the car insurance, he pays the cable, I pay the gas, etc. When we go out to eat, one or the other will pick up the tab and there's no paying back. The only thing we really split is the groceries, where we each pay half on our cards at the store.

Tips for Talking About Money (Calmly!) With Your Significant Other
5/14/14 12:00 PM

If I didn't have credit cards, my dog would have died six years ago after she was diagnosed with lymphoma at age five. Thanks to the credit cards, she went through six months of chemotherapy and is 100% in remission today. I'm still paying off her treatments, but I think she's worth it.

Tips for Talking About Money (Calmly!) With Your Significant Other
5/14/14 11:56 AM

Whatever you do, don't do this with handmade items made by the person selling them. Asking someone to knock off $10 since you're buying two pairs of handmade earrings is basically telling them their time and labor isn't worth anything.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/14/14 11:48 AM

I'm one of those people who will sleep for 10 hours (or more) if no one bothers me. The unfortunate part is that I have to be up at 5 a.m. for work on the weekdays. I go to bed at 10 p.m., which gets me seven hours of sleep a night. I would love to get eight or nine, but my body will not shut down until 10 p.m. at the earliest. I also don't want to go to bed at 8 p.m., considering that my husband doesn't get home from work until 7 p.m. and that's when we eat dinner.

Sleep Architecture: A Blueprint for Happier Sleep
5/14/14 07:22 AM

All these pictures of water with pieces of fruit in it are giving me the shivers. I like infused water, because I like the flavor of a lot of fruit, but I cannot abide the texture of most.

15 Sparkling Drinks for Spring Entertaining Recipes from The Kitchn
5/13/14 11:53 AM

That first seating pictured seems like it would hurt your butt after a while with the spacing between the boards.

Budget Backyard: 10 Ways to Use Cheap Concrete Cinder Blocks Outdoors
5/13/14 11:35 AM

I think it comes down to what do you need versus what do you want. In my case, I live in the city, so I'd be rather picky about what kind of stroller I'd want-- something big enough to carry around a diaper bag and other assorted baby needs, but also something I could easily pick up to carry up and down subway stairs. If I just told people I needed a stroller, it's likely they wouldn't do the same research I would do to pick out the one best suited to my needs. I certainly wouldn't give a fig when it came to clothing or books, but I might have specific big ticket items that I know my family would want to buy for me, and I would want to be able to direct them to get the ones that would work best for me. By providing them with a registry, I don't ruin the surprise of who got what, but still ensure that I receive the right tool for the job, so to speak.

4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery
5/13/14 10:12 AM

When my friend had her second baby, her mom threw her a "sprinkle" rather than a shower. We had a little get-together with the ladies of the group, had some snacks and decorated onesies for the new baby. She did not register, but everyone brought a little gift-- mostly they were clothing items (her first was a girl, but the second was a boy) or books. I thought it was a very classy way to still celebrate baby #2, but it wasn't the big gift giving occasion that #1 warranted.

4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery
5/13/14 10:06 AM

I mean, the husband, pets and computers, obviously, but--

My KitchenAid stand mixer
The gigantic bookshelf my dad built for us 10 years ago that has survived four moves (one from the Midwest to the east coast)
Our cheap coffee table that is covered in stickers and which pretty much documents our life together in all its layers

What Are the Most Indispensable Items In Your Home?
5/12/14 11:38 AM