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Oh, my husband would never let it leave the apartment. I'm apparently the only one who thinks the joke has run its course.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/22/14 08:21 AM

As a going-away gift when we moved to NYC, a local band gave my husband a framed Olan Mills portrait of a man taken in 1975 that they found at a thrift shop and then autographed. The man is wearing a very loud tie and has a very '70s moustache. It sat on top of a bookshelf for years in our first NYC apartment. When we moved to a new place this winter, I *almost* had him convinced that it was time to go in the trash. Then while helping us move, his sister said, "Where's the dude?" When my husband told her we were going to throw it away, she was horrified. Her husband was horrified. They all thought I was the most horrible person in the world, so it's back on top of the bookshelf in our bedroom. The gift that keeps on giving.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 02:33 PM

Would be great if I didn't share my desk, computer, chair, keyboard, etc. with another person who comes in after my shift is done. I broke down and put up one small poster and a small page-a-day desk calendar so I wouldn't go completely nuts.

5 Ways to Save Your Office Cubicle
(and Sanity) at Work

4/21/14 02:27 PM

As a wedding gift, an aunt gave me a framed crocheted doily thing with my husband's named worked into it. Just his, as I didn't take his last name. We never hung it up. It stayed in a closet for a long time and even moved to NYC with us. But we just moved to a new NYC apartment and I finally threw it away.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 11:39 AM

I have this with my parents, who call and ask how to delete emails on the regular. Whenever I give them a tutorial, my mom has to write down every single step on a notepad they keep by the desk.

But I guess I can't be *that* upset with them because I'm only 32 and I can't handle a video game system more complex than the Wii. I tried to play Halo with my husband once with him trying to instruct me on what combination of buttons to push and I got so frustrated I refused to play it again. So I shudder to think what my technological ceiling is going to be.

On the other hand, when I was about 10 and our ancient floor-unit television set's on/off button broke (it was the kind you had to pull out to turn the TV on and push in to turn it off), my dad rewired the whole television set so that we could turn it on and off with a lightswitch on the back of the set. That thing was still running when they finally broke down and got a flat screen about six years ago.

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/18/14 11:59 AM

I don't mind a lot of folders or shortcuts on a desktop, but I do get annoyed when they're just scattered all over the place. Put those in neat lines, please!

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/18/14 11:01 AM

Oh, and Dogfish Head Namaste, though it's got a bit of a spicier kick than Blue Moon or Allagash White.

If You Like Blue Moon, You Should Try These 5 Beers Too Tapped In
4/17/14 03:10 PM

Avery White Rascal is also a very nice wheat ale.

If You Like Blue Moon, You Should Try These 5 Beers Too Tapped In
4/17/14 03:09 PM

Ah, I see. Nope, wouldn't wake me up. On the weekends, I routinely sleep until 11 a.m., with the sun full and bright right outside the window!

Banishing My Phone from The Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 02:40 PM

My real wood bedroom set was damaged a lot more by my recent move than my IKEA stuff, which held up fantastically for the most part.

IKEA Hacks: 10 DIY Ways to Make Cheap Wardrobes Look More Expensive
4/17/14 12:16 PM

Must be nice to not have to get up until the sun comes up! I'm walking out the door and getting on the train when it comes up!

I keep my phone by the bed because I like to fall asleep to voices and my alarm clock doesn't have a radio. I like to put on the NPR app and turn the volume down low enough that I can hear the voices but not quite make out what they're saying, then try really hard to figure out what they're saying. Puts me out in 10 minutes or less.

Banishing My Phone from My Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 12:11 PM

Looks nice, but just a personal comment regarding the legs on that table. I always really dislike having to sit in a way that a table leg is in between my feet. I like to cross my ankles under the table in front of me and if you're sitting on one of the edges, there's just no way to do that.

Cynthia's Sunny Accents House Tour
4/17/14 11:32 AM

I realize it's done, and I realize the Fire Department isn't going to go to every rooftop or backyard looking for a firepit, but to advertise that you have one on a well-known website is just a little cocky.

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 11:50 AM

I thought fire pits were illegal in NYC, especially on rooftops. From a 2013 NYT article: "A Fire Department representative wrote in an email that open fires, including fire pits, are illegal in New York City. But there are a few exceptions, including some barbecues intended for cooking that are in backyards of one- or two-family private dwellings 10 feet from combustibles and walls, and which have a bucket of water or extinguisher readily available."

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 11:22 AM

We don't have a storage unit, but we do store some boxes at my husband's aunt and uncle's house.

What's in those boxes? Our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations. There's no place to store them in our apartment, so on Thanksgiving, we collect them and bring them home, use them, and then in January, they go back.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 07:07 AM

I'm 5'2" and our microwave is on top of the refrigerator. I use it every day to make oatmeal. I store lots of stuff on the tops of our cabinets-- I just use a stepladder when I need to get it down.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 07:04 AM

Honestly, I don't need any more friends. It's stressful and draining enough keeping up with the ones I already have.

Do You Avoid Your Neighbors?
4/15/14 03:20 PM

Social anxiety. I don't know how to talk to people that aren't already friends. I need my husband there to grease the wheels. If he's not around, then I will stay in my apartment until I hear other people leave.

Do You Avoid Your Neighbors?
4/15/14 11:09 AM

I vote for yours if only because I would be terrified of someone (me, guests, a pet) knocking that TV right over if it jutted out from the wall like that.

Better Living Layout Ideas? Good Questions
4/14/14 08:55 AM

Cupcakes. I very rarely ever get them when I'm out and about because they just don't taste as good as the ones I make at home. And bakeries tend to put WAAAAAY too much frosting on.

The Dishes I Never Order Out Because They're Better at Home
4/11/14 11:50 AM