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I like the way the marble wraps around the room. I have a granite backsplash behind my stovetop and wish I also installed it on the other side of the sink.


Kitchen Design Idea: Large-Scale Marble Wall Backsplashes
4/8/14 02:47 PM

Love upholstered headboards, especially the neutral ones that go with everything. I like mixing materials and textures in a room so a fabric headboard flanked by wood Bombay chests was the perfect choice for my bedroom. Great selection! Especially love the navy one!


Top Ten: Best Upholstered Fabric Headboards Annual Guide 2014
4/7/14 07:41 PM


Glad to see your post. I'm all for bringing entertaining back to the home. I love having friends over and some of my best times have been last minute invitations and very casual suppers.



Come As You Are: How To Throw a Successful Last Minute Get-Together
4/3/14 08:20 PM

I have always loved to entertain and I much rather dine at my friend's home than in a restaurant. More intimate and better conversations! There are so many ways to entertain to keep it simple. For those that love ethnic foods, I just posted about an Ethnic Potluck. So much easier on the host if everyone is bringing something.

For those that are truly intimated to cook, have friends over for wine and cheese before heading out to a restaurant for dinner or have them back to your place for dessert.

I'd love to see more people entertaining at home!


No More Entertaining Excuses! Answers to the Biggest Entertaining Roadblocks
3/29/14 06:23 PM

Most people are surprised at my "great room" which lives up to its name. It was an addition to the home and there are walls of palladium windows. We live in an all American center hall brick colonial and guests don't expect to see this spacious room which was an addition prior to our buying the house.


What Surprises People the Most About Your Home? Reader Survey
3/16/14 09:24 PM

Not a fan of a lot of natural oak (except on floors) - - the Ikea cabinets are so sleek and love the subway tiles against the dark cabinets. When in Budapest last summer, we met a couple from the US who retired there. They bought an apartment in Budapest and redid the whole kitchen thru Ikea. Great job!


Before & After: A Narrow Galley Kitchen Gets an Urban Update
3/15/14 07:14 PM


I'm a huge fan of color and especially love the green walls shown in your post. The color on my walls brings life to the room and makes my windows and cream woodwork pop. Love your posts.



Cure Color Shyness: 14 Real-life Fearless Paint Colors to Push Your Style
3/2/14 01:18 PM

My parents hosted holiday get togethers and many family parties for our extended family. In the 60's and 70's, we either had relatives that visited us on Sundays or we went to visit relatives. I miss those days of just visiting for no reason!


Did Your Parents Entertain Often? Reader Question
2/27/14 08:57 PM

I love the architectural details and quality of the construction. My favorite rooms are the great room that has walls of palladium windows overlooking the woods and my dining room and screen in porch where we have entertained many guests at our table.

What Do You Love About Your Home?
2/24/14 09:56 PM

I have been a fan of leaning artwork for years. I love the flexibility it give me when entertaining if I need more surface space such as on top of my dining room buffet or at if I am decorating for Christmas and want to remove the artwork completely during that time frame.

How To Lean Art (Without It Looking Like You Forgot to Hang It)
2/17/14 12:49 PM

Love to see color on the walls! After 15 years of being in my home, I still love my mustard gold walls in my great room. Color makes the windows pop! Still love the red in my library den but am tempted to paint that a charcoal gray for something different and it would still go with my gold. But then it becomes a domino effect and before you know it you are remodeling everywhere!$!

6 Daring, Real-Life Wall Paint Colors to Try From This Week's Top Tours February 3 - 7, 2014
2/9/14 06:35 AM

I second these suggestions!

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/7/14 09:27 PM

Now those are some legs! Love the transformation! Great job!

Before & After: Mid-Century Dresser Gets a Much Needed Lift
2/7/14 08:45 PM

Love the look but I think water spots and scratches would drive me crazy. My stainless steel appliances are bad enough! Love my granite!

10 Stylish Kitchens with Stainless Steel Countertops
2/7/14 07:07 AM

Electric blankets are great but what I love even more are electric mattress pad covers! I didn't even know they existed until about five years ago and I have lived up north my whole life. What I love about them is that you cannot feel the wires and you don't have to have any heavy blankets on you, just your lightweight comforter. Mine is by sunbeam and has dual controls. Truly one of my best purchases!

10 Electric Blankets Worth Snuggling Up To
2/3/14 04:44 PM