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I'm the ghost of the architect + carpenter who installed the wood: Don't paint it!

Seriously, as a person who has worked months on taking off layers of paint from beeeautiful wood like this (with a spoon and a heat gun) you can keep the wood and brighten the room with the appropriate wall paint, good LIGHTING, and lighter furniture. I echo earlier comments where they noted how banged up the painted wood can get---wood is much more forgiving in its natural state. Honor it by keeping it unpainted.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 10:12 AM

I love the polar bear painting above the toilet.

Before & After: Andie's Bathroom Makeover
4/3/14 11:46 PM

Happy April Fooooool's Day! Loved this.

AptTherapyDerm CQ Patch
4/1/14 10:29 AM

These would be great to buy just to have them sit on one's desk at work. Love them!

Stylish Living For Your Toys: The Vitra Miniature Collection
3/27/14 09:03 AM

Love this. What a crisp, clean and beautiful kitchen.

DIY Project: How To Remove and Install a Kitchen Sink Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/22/14 01:43 PM

I'm glad you noted paint chipping issue. Whenever I see AT posts about folks painting kitchen cabinets I want an "after-after" photo to see how the painted cabinets held up. In my experience (even after careful priming,etc.), painted cabinets end up chipping and looking shabby. I'd love some tips from painting pros on how to avoid this chipping.
Thanks for this lovely post!

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/22/14 01:39 PM

Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful space with AT readers.

Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio House Tour
3/15/14 07:56 AM

Love this post. Except for adjectives like "shit-together-x2" which doesn't reflect the tasteful design or descriptions I expect from Apartment Therapy.

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/10/14 11:45 PM

The process of removing wallpaper has forever soured me to using it. It's too permanent feeling (like a tattoo) and I wouldn't ever use it in high humidity areas like a bathroom. I echo earlier comments about the overall darkness of this color scheme. It seems to have made the space smaller but not small in a cozy-want-to-be-in-this-space way...

Before & After: From Boring Bathroom to Bold! Professional Project
3/9/14 03:38 PM

Bookmarking this in my "dream file"----absolutely a dream of mine to have a space like this for my studio.
Congrats on a beautiful project! The space simply radiates happiness and creativity.

Jane & Dan's Multifunctional Live/Work Studio House Tour
3/4/14 08:29 AM

This is such a warm, welcoming and calm space. Love it.

Mimi's Bright and Welcoming Brooklyn Home House Tour
3/2/14 12:19 PM

Love it! I love that a wee one has handy access to books right at their level. The colorful is delightful, too.

Before & After: Liana's Cheery Dresser Update
3/2/14 10:40 AM

Beautiful finish---so crisp and clean-------- but certain colors literally make my teeth hurt....and this is one of them.

Before & After: Bianca's Simple & Sweet Sideboard for Art Supplies
2/15/14 10:54 AM

We've had a natural latex mattress with a wool topper (platform bed) for over 5 years and while it was expensive it was great to not have a toxic smelling mattress coated in flame retardants. For info on problems with the nasty flame retardants in most mattresses see: http://greensciencepolicy.org/faq/

It sounds like less toxic mattresses will be coming on the market in 2014-15 but I'm having a hard time finding local dealers who will carry them.

Bedroom Survey:
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2/14/14 09:40 AM

It looks like you are very creatively living within your means and enjoying life while you do it. Your home is so warm and welcoming. Great article!

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/11/14 05:42 PM

A friend of mine has a version of this bathroom and has wanted to change it so I played around with some bold colors---a bit like a 50's colorful tablecloth (via Photoshop) and posted it via my Twitter account.


Paint Color & Shower Curtain Suggestions for Classic '50s Bathroom? Good Questions
2/11/14 10:21 AM

Beautiful work!

Before & After: Brass to Bold Bar Cart
2/9/14 03:36 PM

I love the upcycling of these spools. May I post a link to another great use of these spools? http://greenwatergarage.com/2014/01/19/pain-in-the-neck/

Before & After: A Wooden Spool Gets Really Cool
2/8/14 11:14 AM

To each her own. I favor the before space but understand wanting a reading space. You've got great design ideas and a knack for making a cheerful space.

Before and After: Small Office Space Turned Reading Nook
2/5/14 11:01 AM

Such a nice warm + welcoming space.
Love the aging in place ideas.

Before & After: Lynn's Lightened & Updated Kitchen Corner
2/3/14 02:12 PM