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Weird how a post about no dishwashers has a photo with a dishwasher.

LOVE my DW - wouldn't be without it.

Our Best Tips for Life Without a Dishwasher
7/17/14 01:00 PM

I think this is the most beautiful loft I have ever seen. All of the disparate elements look so lovely together. I could move in and not want to change anything at all. It looks so wonderful welcoming and comfortable!

The homeowners have amazing style.

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/14/14 02:23 PM

Meh. I'd say this one comes down to whether you're a person with a VERY fine attention to detail. Either one looks nice to me.

I'd dispute whether black hides the dirt better. Scuffs yes, but not spills and splashes and dust. Has anyone ever had a black sink -- nightmare!

Before & After: All White Kitchen Gets a Subtle Kick
7/3/14 05:03 PM

How about Rockin' bachlorette pads!

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/1/14 08:00 PM

Pinterest and sites like this do nothing to help us chill about our houses.

I love working on my house and trying to make it look great. But recently I had an epiphany that I am not socializing as much because sometimes I feel like company but I don't want to clean my house top to bottom and cook a fancy dinner. So I do nothing.

Stupid. Wrong priorities. Remember how much fun we had when we were young - getting together in dorm rooms and crappy shared apartments. No one cared as long as there was good music, good company and something to drink. Lol.

We need to recapture more of that. I had some friends over for pizza and beer on Friday and didn't even apologize for my messy house. I decided not to care and no one else did either.

So that's a long winded way of saying - hell, yes, to the play date. A mom's mental health is more important than a clean house.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
6/30/14 10:42 PM

This does seem like a Glidden ad. And not a very well-disguised one.

Small Project Saturday: Easy Abstract Art Glidden® paint
6/26/14 02:48 PM

Agree. It's not art until you put something of your creative self into it. This is big paint swatches serving as decor. What's abstract about it?

Turn it into art by spending some time with the music cranked and all your paint and craft supplies near at hand. Drag some paint across with a credit card. Splash and dash color where the canvas calls to you. Make it a collage with found objects and bits and bobs. Add some text if that's your thing.

Spend a fun hour or four with your blank painted canvas, and then you can call it art. :) Will fill a little bit of your soul too, instead of just a spot on your wall.

Small Project Saturday: Easy Abstract Art Glidden® paint
6/26/14 02:46 PM

Nice personal space. Love the charming view you get into the apartment from the front entry.

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 02:41 PM

What are the office colors. I would suggest you put your personal stamp on the room without being too out there. Use the rest of the space as a starting point. What paint colors are in the immediate vicinity?

What are the door/trim colors? Carpet? Furniture? Style?

Paint color shouldn't be a starting point.

How To Paint a Windowless Office? Good Questions
6/25/14 05:47 PM

Very nice job!

Before & After: An Old Dresser Gets a Refresh (In a New Room)
6/24/14 03:51 PM

I agree. I don't think the photo illustrates what the author wants it to. To me it highlights the fact there is a bunch of small dots of dark all around the space. Nothing to hold your interest or provide weight. The table on the center wall is too small and all the cameras in a row above looks knick-knacky instead of cool.

That whole center wall needs something dramatic.

Seeing a Room with Fresh Eyes: Compare and Contrast
6/24/14 03:43 PM

I like this. It's neat how the wallpaper even makes the textured ceiling look better. Ties in very nicely. I think a good job was done here with budget pieces. Looks warm and inviting

A Bright, Whimsical Dining Room With Affordable Furnishings Professional Project
6/23/14 02:46 PM

I too find the house very sparse. But I can relate. My house looked like that for 7 years while we found pieces of furniture and art we loved (and juggled two young kids).

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/17/14 01:40 PM

This is simply stunning. Best space I've seen on here in ages and ages. I love every little thing about it. Totally up my street. :)

All of the little details and touches are perfect. What a FANTASTIC space.

Kudos on your vision.

Before & After: Annette and Gustavo's Incredible Garage Remodel
6/12/14 02:26 PM

Fun house! Your personality really shines through. I love your monogram lawn. Might have to steal that idea. ;)

Liz's Exuberant Row House House Tour
6/10/14 01:09 PM

Your space is very warm and inviting. Nice job mixing old and new.

Audra's Embraced Imperfection Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 02:47 PM

You can barely see this space. Why the vignettes? Where's this amazing kitchen that makes the studio so great?

If there is 800 sf - why not have a bedroom? That's big (ish).

Dominique's Balanced Abode Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 12:48 PM

Great apartment, great decor!

Amy's Beaux Nouveaux Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 05:34 PM

Fiber art. LMAO!

This makes me feel old. Hello 1975, indeed. LOL.

Make It: DIY Fiber Wall Art
6/6/14 05:19 PM

Roasting and broiling are NOT interchangeable terms just because they both use an oven. That is like saying poaching and boiling and sautéing are interchangeable because they all use a pan on the stovetop.

Great recipe, though. :)

Recipe: Roasted Shrimp Scampi Recipes from The Kitchn
6/4/14 10:58 PM