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The Queen artwork is a portrait taken by Canadian photographer Chris Levine. There were limited edition prints in small and large. The most recent one I saw here in Canada sold for around $10K.

Coppy's Traditional Meets Modern Loft House Tour
4/23/14 12:44 PM

Love the tile, and the wall colour, and the stair runner. I like the light fixture -- but not in that space. Doesn't seem to suit.

I think the far end wall should have something more inspiring than boots and a clock to look at. Big potential there -- unless the camera POV does not relate to an entry (at the foot of the stairs). Then scratch that. LOL.

Also to me it wants a splash of dramatic color. Either at the spot above, or maybe some colorful large scale art on the left wall?

I might also consider painting either the bannister and/or the spindles black or a dark gray.

What a wonderful change -- it must make such a huge difference in your home. Well done.

Before & After: A Vintage Victorian Entry Update
4/17/14 01:31 PM

I would say this is a very worthwhile investment if you think you will be in the home for a while. I have a big double casement window in my bedroom that looks out onto trees and it gives me pleasure every single morning to wake up and see it. Especially after years of condo-living where I stared into the other side of my building.

We also enlarged a window in our kitchen to add a 5' garden window, giving me extra light and counter space in my tiny kitchen. Again - well worth it.

I have a carpenter husband though, who did the work himself.

I would go for 2' french doors instead of a window and think ahead to the future. As others have said...patio, hot tub, gardens? The possibilities are endless.

Light is part of the bones of the house, in my opinion, and is worth investing in.
If you can swing it financially, go for it. Perhaps you know a talented craftsman who could help reduce costs. Where I live, it's easy to find reclaimed french doors on craigslist if you can't spring for double-paned ones right away.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 04:50 PM

This is a prime example of function following form. Silly.

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 04:18 PM

Your set has wonderful bones, and you have received a lot of great suggestions.

My first question is what is your preferred style and/or the style of the rest of your house? This set has potential to be both traditional (working with existing upholstery) or modern (recovering sofa in solid with two bold patterned chairs? remove the skirt if legs are good?)

Your room is pretty much a blank slate with so much possibility. What do your dream rooms look like? What would suit your house? What would make you and your family feel good? Start there.

I'm currently working through this process in my own living room. :)

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 03:45 PM

Great original style. Love it!

Vahan's \"California Confused\" Small Home House Tour
3/19/14 01:02 PM

Don't even get me started on cats. Actually - it's not the cats, it's their dumb-ass owners.

If I let my dog go over and crap on my neighbor's lawn every day and leave her a few chewed up squirrels to clean up, she'd FREAK OUT!

But it's perfectly fine for her two cats to use my kids' sandbox and my veggie garden as their personal litter box. It's fine for them to rack up the dead bird carcasses on my back porch. ARGH!!!

Ideas For Dealing with Neighbor's Cats?
Good Questions

3/17/14 12:18 AM

LOVE this place. Absolutely gorgeous. What a great space to create and escape distraction. And I concur the artwork is very compelling and beautiful.

Jane & Dan's Multifunctional Live/Work Studio House Tour
3/3/14 01:22 PM

It's nice to read a post that is more reality-based for our modern lives instead of ALL SCREEN TIME IS EVIL AND YOU WILL RUIN YOUR CHILD IF YOU LET THEM HAVE SCREEN TIME!!!!.

LOL. Computers are a magnet for my son. Rather than continually fighting with him about screen time, we've changed tactics and are striving instead to make his screen time more productive. He's 8 and just learning how cool that can be. Instead of just playing Minecraft, he's learning to install mods and build his own maps. Next up is an intro to Java coding workshop. He's very empowered by having his skills and interests acknowledged for a change - instead of constant fretting over "how much is too much" by his well-meaning parents.

It's a new age and vintage toys and Hardy Boys novels just don't cut it--no matter how cute they look in the nursery.

My daughter on the other hand couldn't care less about screen time and almost always chooses to do art or play some imaginative game. It's just who they are.

20 Resources for Teaching Kids How to Program & Code
2/20/14 01:19 PM

I admire this woman's determination. But with very young kids this is actually really easy to do. We constantly had people trying to give our babies and preschool kids toys and clothes. Once they're school age not so much.

Clothes don't last as long with more active kiddos. Your friends aren't as quick to give away their children's old lego, etc, as they are the old monstrous plastic kitchen. Go figure. LOL.

We're pretty thrifty around our house, too, but it's definitely not as easy as when they were toddlers.

New moms always have lots of enthusiasm (and advice on the best way to raise kids). Then reality sets in. LOL. I would never have to buy food again if I could live on all the words I've had to eat about what I'd do if I ever had kids. And all the ideas I had when they were babies. LOL. I'm surprised my friends with kids tolerated me back in those days -- I must have been insufferable!! LOL.

Now my kids are 5 and 8 and it's a whole different ballgame.

Could You Go A Year Without Spending Money On Your Kids?
2/18/14 12:47 PM

We have persian rugs everywhere. You cannot beat them for disguising crumbs and stuff between cleanings. They continue to look great year after year with regular vacuuming and beating outside with a stick two or three times a year.

They are versatile, come in all colors, and look good with both traditional and modern decor.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 12:55 PM

I'd stain them darker to get rid of the oaky vibe and go with a more natural finish rather than glossy. I'd also distress the wood and go with a moodier rustic look in the bedroom if you could get away with that.Dark blue walls, maybe a touch of brass.

Search "moody blue bedroom" for good ideas.

I think you have to embrace the chunk if you're going to keep them. No amount of white paint is going to disguise them or make them look smaller.

They don't actually look very old. They're giving me a very 80s vibe. Heavy wood doesn't automatically make them valuable. If they're not your style - how sentimental will you feel about them when you have to move them around to new apartments and continually try to incorporate them into your decor.

Ideas for Updating Bedroom Set? Good Questions
2/12/14 01:54 PM

Nice job in a small space and kudos for doing it on a budget. I like your narrow DIY vanity a lot. I agree the toilet area needs something. The light fixture isn't working for me at all with the other elements.

I love brass, but think stainless or other silver tones would go nicer with your sink fixtures, gray marble tiles and wood vanity. And in a style that's more modern or rustic to complement the mirror and vanity.

Before & After: This Petite Powder Room Gets Prettified on a Budget
1/31/14 03:47 PM