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Hi Carolyn,
We have an under the counter refrigerator and freezer and love it. It's perfect for 2 city dwellers who don't cook that much and live within walking distance to several markets. The old fridge blocked the light from the window and ate up valuable square footage. We now have room for a petite cafe table and 2 chairs.
If your budget allows it, hiring an architect or interior designer who has done similar kitchen remodels would be a great investment. A well designed kitchen has tremendous resale value.
Good luck with your remodel!

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7/24/14 03:10 PM

My favorite of all the entries in every category. Love it!

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6/11/14 07:56 PM

You don't need a baby to get diaper cloth. I bought diaper cloth rags at my local hardware store. They work great for cleaning.

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2/3/14 03:31 PM

I like the pillows.

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1/31/14 01:21 PM

Ikea also has the Sultan Alsarp with storage. We have this bed and it works great in our tiny bedroom. It's like having a closet under the bed. The white cotton cover fits like a glove and looks good too.

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1/31/14 01:19 PM