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Hey Hannah,
I too am the owner of a dog genius (AKA border collie). Here's how we taught ours Hide and Go Seek with toys and it is the best sanity saver!

We started by shutting him in a designated room. After he learned "stay" we left the door open to the room. Now he knows "go hide" and he runs to the designated room and stays there until we call him (spinning in circles as he runs because he's crazy).

Meanwhile we hide his toy. At first it has to be easy, but as they learn you can hide it in really hard spots which keeps him busy looking. I kid you not, the dog will look for his toy for 20 minutes. I put it up high, inside of things, in places he's afraid of (the bathtub, on the vacuum cleaner).
This is a game that stimulates him mentally for a good amount of time with minimal human effort after the initial time teaching him the game. We also name his toys and he searches for the one we say (like the Frisbee, or the fox, etc)
Have fun with your genius, I wouldn't trade mine for anything!!

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3/7/14 06:12 PM

Denver resident here as well.

I don't think growing vegetables will ever offset the cost of electricity to run most grow lights-- unless you have solar cells. I've used LED to save power, but I wouldn't recommend b/c the pink light they emit is really tough to see nutritional issues. However the new generating of Light Emitting Ceramic fixtures are both energy efficient and affordable.
If you're located in Colorado I highly recommend the hydroponics store Way to Grow, they are the largest hydroponics store in America!

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1/31/14 10:23 AM