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Even though I'm living in Europe right now and don't have a flat sheet at the moment, I do prefer them (but only by a little bit). My duvet cover in the US is such a pain to wash and change, and also so pretty (and expensive) that I don't want to launder it too often. I'd rather keep the flat sheet to protect the duvet cover. Secondly, in the summer, or even on a hot night in the winter, I tend to kick of my duvet/comforter; a flat sheet gives me the mental comfort of being covered (am I the only one who can't sleep without some sort of blanket or sheet?) and keeps from getting too cold.

Honestly, I'm not too picky with making the bed; if I do make it, I don't worry about making sure the flat sheets pulled straight; as on as it's flat enough not to leave bumps, I just pull the duvet/comforter over it.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 04:12 PM